Scotty McCreery performs onstage at Ryman Auditorium on March 11, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee
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The 15 Best Scotty McCreery Songs

It's pretty impressive what Scotty McCreery has already achieved in his country music career and he isn't even 30 yet. The North Carolina native first realized he loved music when he received a book about Elvis from his grandmother. Inspired by the legendary Presley, McCreery started playing the guitar when he was ten years old and his dedication paid off, eventually landing him in Nashville as an official singer-songwriter.

The country artist went on to win the tenth season of American Idol when he was only 16 years old and pretty much hasn't stopped going since. His debut album Clear As Day went platinum and scored him the Best New Artist award at the ACM Awards. He followed that success with his own Christmas album, Christmas With Scotty McCreery, his 2013 album See You Tonight, 2018's Seasons Change, and 2021's Same Truck.

From a country-rock ode to southern belles to a ballad that reflects on life's fleeting moments, we've rounded up the fifteen best Scotty McCreery songs to date. We've got songs from his latest new album as well as older country radio hits that really show off McCreery's finest from throughout his career.

15. "Small Town Girl"

One of the many Same Truck songs co-written by McCreery, this is an ode to small-town romance. It's impossible not to smile listening to this sweet song with its breezy lyrics and feel-good twang of the guitar.

14. "Why You Gotta Be Like That"

Same Truck reached number 10 on the Best Country Album Chart and a song like "Why You Gotta Be Like That" is why. It's fun, upbeat, and is the definition of a country song you'll have on repeat.

13. "Water Tower Town"

From Clear as Day, this song just makes you feel like you've stepped into Friday Night Lights. It's all about the charm of small-town life from Friday night football to church on Sunday mornings.

12. "Barefootin'"

This song immediately transports you to summertime and walking on the beach with someone you love. It's a lot of fun with its cheeky lyrics and is definitely one of the standout tracks from Seasons Change.

11. "You Time"

This is just one of the many McCreery songs inspired by his wife Gabi. The lead single from Same Truck was all about how McCreery's life and career were so busy that sometimes he just wanted time alone with his wife.

10. "Carolina To Me"

Another strong song from Same Truck, McCreery co-wrote this sweet ballad as an ode to his home state. "To me, North Carolina is just a little piece of Heaven on Earth," McCreery shared in a press release, "and I hope when I get to Heaven, there's a little bit of North Carolina in it."

9. "Damn Strait"

This was one of the few Same Truck songs that McCreery didn't co-write but it turned out to be a fun tribute to country legend George Strait. McCreery grew up a massive Strait fan and knew he had to record this one because of its clever lyrics and the fact that most (maybe all?) country fans also love George Strait.

8. "Southern Belle"

This was McCreery's first non-album single. The country song really lets us see a different side of the singer. It gets a little more rocking than the typically clean-cut, feel-good songs we usually see from McCreery.

7. "Wherever You Are"

Inspired by his wife, "Wherever You Are" really showcases McCreery in his wheelhouse. 

6. "Feelin' It"

The definition of a cool summer jam, "Feelin' It" reached the top 10 on the country airplay charts. The music video was filmed in his home state of North Carolina and featured his friends hanging out at the beach.

5. "The Trouble With Girls"

Another top 20 hit for McCreery, the music video for "The Trouble With Girls" won Breakthrough Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards.

4. "I Love You This Big"

This was McCreery's very first single in 2011. He first performed it in the American Idol finale, right before it was released.  Pretty exciting for the newcomer. The song peaked in the top 20 on the country charts and McCreery even featured his mom in the music video. The song is a relaxing country jam that was the perfect choice to put McCreery on the map.

3. "This Is It"

This number one hit from Seasons Change features footage from the singer's actual wedding in the music video. The song is McCreery's ode to his relationship with his high school sweetheart, Gabi Dugal. He even sang the song to his new bride at their wedding reception. The emotion and love for his wife shine through the lyrics.

2. "See You Tonight"

The title track from the country singer's 2013 album was the first to reach the top of the Billboard chart. 

1. "Five More Minutes"

Co-written by McCreery as the first single from Seasons Change, "Five More Minutes" was the singer's first number one hit. The song was inspired by the death of his grandfather and how he wished he had more time left with him, co-written with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell.

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This article was originally published on Aug. 20, 2020.