Why You Need a Rocks Glass on Your Bar Cart

Just the thought of a wingback chair, a dimly lit room, and good scotch in a rocks glass relaxes me. Even mediocre scotch would work if the drinking glass was extra pretty. Barware can be overwhelming when creating your home bar. So without being overrun by bar glasses, wine glasses, and various cocktail glasses, pare down your glassware to just a few key pieces.

Single Rocks Glasses

The typical single rocks glass is basically a tumbler that holds between eight and ten ounces. Most likely you'll pour your favorite bourbon or whiskey over an ice cube or two. That size glass will be just right to hold a manly chunk of ice slowly mellowing out your chosen spirit. The thicker the ice cube, the longer it takes to melt. A rocks glass should feel balanced with a heavy base. Whether you choose an affordable clear glass or a high quality fancier cut crystal glass, the glass should feel good in your hand. Check with the store manager before you take the glass for a test drive.

Double Rocks Glasses

Not to confuse you, but there is also glassware known as a double rocks glass. A double rocks glass holds about two ounces more than a single rocks glass (about 12 oz). So if you occasionally like a Margarita with crushed ice or a Manhattan on the rocks, a double rocks glass maybe the perfect choice in drinkware if you're only going to get one type of rocks glass. A double rocks glass, also called a double old-fashioned glass or a whiskey glass, is perfect for 90% of all the drinks you'll make.

A rocks glass is short with straight sides and a wide opening to make it easy to put larger ice cubes in with your spirit. Also the shape makes muddling easier for drinks like an old fashioned or mint julep.

So instead of a decanter that may never get used or more shot glasses that should've been left back in college, a rocks glass gift set is great gift idea. Add some whiskey rocks (non-melting ice cubes) and this is a great gift for whiskey lovers that won't collect dust.

Amazon has everything you need for the mixology enthusiast. Or just regular people who need a drink. Here's a few of our picks for the best on the rocks glasses and rocks glass sets.

-Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass (Set of 4) with Granite Chilling Stones - 10 oz Heavy Base Rocks Barware Glasses for Scotch, Bourbon and Cocktail Drinks

This classic whiskey glass set comes with the trendy and useful chilling stones. Dishwasher safe too!


Heavy glass with thick sides and base won't break easily and will keep your drinks colder longer.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.

-Riedel Drink Specific Glassware Rocks Glass, 9 oz, 2 Count, Clear

Riedel is a much coveted brand in glassware. These are perfect for just a simple spirit. But these glasses were also designed based on the traditional recipes for seven classic cocktails: The Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sour, Peasant, Buck and Julep.

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