Every Home Bar Needs JIM, a Voice-Activated Shot Machine from Jim Beam

How do you enjoy your Jim Beam? Maybe you love it in our Apple Spice Bourbon Punch or maybe you just enjoy it neat with your favorite whiskey stones. Do you wish you could just ask for a shot of Jim and have it magically appear? That kind of voice command technology is available in products from Apple, Google, and Amazon, but finally your home bar can experience it, too. With the world's first smart decanter, Jim Beam is making that a reality. Meet JIM, the voice-activated bourbon decanter that pours a shot when you ask for it.

And how do you ask for a shot from JIM? It's simple, the same way you'd ask your favorite bartender for a shot. Simply say, "Hey Jim, pour me a drink," and out a shot comes. Watch it in action.

With cutting-edge bourbon technology, Jim Beam created the world's first intelligent bourbon decanter and the best part is that JIM even has some sass. Voiced by Jim Beam's 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe, there's more than a little Kentucky charm with some of the responses. You'll never want to use your regular decanter again, mostly because it lacks a shot-pouring functionality.

JIMs are available for pre-order for only $34.90, and customers who do so will receive them by December 15. The whiskey decanter is available in limited quantities. While the product is only available online with a limit of one device per customer, we have an inkling that JIM will be restocked again and again.

Now this is a new way to enjoy one of your favorite spirits, and maybe while you plan your Kentucky Bourbon Trail trip, you can ask your JIM to pour you a drink of bourbon whiskey, too.

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