Riley Strain's Stepfather Says Missing 22-Year-Old Visited Garth Brooks and Miranda Lambert's Bars
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Riley Strain's Stepfather Says Missing 22-Year-Old Visited Garth Brooks' and Miranda Lambert's Bars

Riley Strain's stepfather Chris Whiteid is shedding new light on the events that led up to the missing college student's disappearance. Strain disappeared after leaving Bryan's 32 Bridge Bar on March 8.

Speaking with NBC News, Whiteid said Strain went to two other bars that evening before visiting 32 Bridge. Bar staff at that last establishment asked Strain to leave due to his conduct. They haven't elaborated further on what exactly Strain did to get himself kicked out of the bar.

In the events leading up to Strain's disappearance, Whiteid said the college student contacted his mother. Strain reportedly FaceTimed her around 8 p.m. At the time, he was at Garth Brooks' bar Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky-Tonk. He also went to Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa that night as well.

At the time, Whiteid assumed that Strain was fine. He said that his stepson didn't sound that intoxicated. Whiteid wonders if there may be something more at play, suggesting he might have been drugged. "He didn't even sound like he had been drinking a lot," he said. Whiteid also said Strain texted his mother for an hour afterward. "I've done a fair amount of drinking in my life, and I still question whether it was alcohol or something else."

Riley Strain's Stepfather Shares Own Theory

Whiteid specifically points to the video where Strain appears to be stumbling. He said people sent him their own accounts of being drugged in Music City."We're hearing the horror stories," Whiteid said. "I hope that this helps bring it to light for people that are coming to town so they're aware, so they watch and pay more attention, but I definitely feel that there is a very good possibility that this is a common problem in this town."

After Tennessee authorities announced an investigation into 32 Bridge Bar, the bar management company released a statement on social media. They wrote, "During Riley's visit to Luke's 32 Bridge, our records show he purchased and was served one alcoholic drink and two waters."

They continued, "At 9:35 p.m., our security team made a decision based on our conduct standards to escort him from the venue through our Broadway exit at the front of our building. He was followed down the stairs with one member of his party. The individual with Riley did not exit and returned upstairs."

They continued, "Our prayers continue to be with Riley's friends and family during this difficult time and for his safe return." The search for Strain continues.