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Riley Keough (Vogue via YouTube)

Riley Keough's Step-by-Step Makeup Guide to Her Signature Glow


Riley Keough keeps it simple when it comes to everyday glam. The Daisy Jones & The Six star is practically the poster child for glowy, no-makeup makeup looks. But when it comes to skincare, Keough, a self-described "bit of a hippie," isn't messing around. The actress shared her beauty regimen in a Vogue Beauty Secrets video, offering a step-by-step guide to her admittedly "excessive" skincare routine and glowy, go-to makeup look. Don't walk, run.

The first step in Keough's routine is an ingenious skincare hack for those of us who suffer from chronically dry skin: a face steamer. "This really helps me stay hydrated," the actress says as she holds the handheld device to her skin, letting the steam do all the pore-opening work for her. After a gentle cleanse, Keough exfoliates her face and chest to slough off the stubborn body makeup she applies while filming.

"I've been wearing a lot of body makeup, which you can kind of see here," Keough says, pointing to faux tan lines on her neck and collarbone. "There's little spots everywhere and my skin texture's just looking kinda crazy."


Keough's holistic approach to beauty starts from the inside-out, and the actress says that the best skincare advice she's ever received is simply, "[take] care of your body."

"For me, it was stopping dairy," she explains. "I'm plant-based, mostly. That has really changed my skin."

The actress credits frequent Epsom salt baths and relaxing sauna sessions for her glowing skin. But that doesn't mean she's averse to a little technological help in her routine: Keough's "favorite little thing' is a microcurrent device which she runs over her jawline to lift and tighten the skin.

"It makes my face sort of more awake and tighter, and at work, I can just see a difference on camera," she says, adding that she's a certified skincare junkie. "If I wasn't a performer or an artist, I really think I would be an esthetician."


After applying moisturizer, SPF and eye cream (the actress doesn't get much sleep while on lengthy film shoots), Keough applies a medium-coverage liquid foundation with a beauty sponge, keeping the amount of product to a minimum.

"I don't like looking like I have makeup on," she says, clarifying that experimentation is something she limits to the roles she plays. "It's fun to be playing characters who want to wear outrageous makeup."

While Keough prefers a minimalist everyday makeup look, she's definitely picked up a few tricks of the trade from working with makeup artists on set. One of her favorite products is a cream highlighter she wore for her role as Daisy Jones, which she applies directly beneath her eyes to achieve that rested and refreshed look - even when she's in a serious sleep debt.

For a warm, sun-kissed appearance, Keough uses a brush to apply cream bronzer below her cheekbones. She opts for a cream blush, as well, dabbing the dusty pink color directly onto her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. After a light coat of mascara and a dusting of setting powder, she applies a winning combination to her lips for the perfect pout: a tinted lip balm and hydrating lip oil, keeping her protected and achieving a natural glossy shine.


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