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Riley Keogh Won’t Pay Off the Rest of Late Mother Lisa Marie Presley’s UK Home Debt

Keough is now the sole trustee of Presley's estate

Don't be cruel - you might want to settle your late mother's debts.

Riley Keough has decided against settling the remaining debt on her late mother Lisa Marie Presley's property in the United Kingdom, a year following Presley's untimely demise.

Keough, 34, and now the sole trustee of Presley's estate, has contested Barclays Bank's claim for her to finish paying off an outstanding loan balance of around $1.6 million linked to the Coes Hall estate in Rotherfield, England, per legal documents obtained by Us Weekly.

The estate, acquired by Presley in 2010 through a Barclays loan, became a point of contention as the bank argued that Presley had assured repayment in her lifetime. Keough's rebuttal claim stated that the claim falls outside a statute of limitations, which meant that the bank needed to present its case by January 12. That marked the one-year anniversary of Presley's death. Keough has called her mother's guarantee into question after stating it was only meant to include loan interest payments from 2010 to 2015.

Presley passed away at 54 in January 2023 due to a cardiac arrest caused by a small bowel obstruction, according to an autopsy report. Coes Hall was listed for sale in 2016, with the property eventually changing hands in 2021.

The aftermath of Lisa Marie's passing saw Riley entangled in legal proceedings with her grandmother, Priscilla Presley, over Lisa Marie's will. A resolution was finally reached in May 2023, marking Riley's half-sisters as sub-trustees and providing Priscilla with significant financial compensation.

As the trustee of her mother's estate, Riley Keough's recent legal decision underscores her commitment to honoring her mother's legacy while navigating the complexities of her inherited responsibilities - though it might not seem so on the outside, it appears she believes this to be the best course of action for her at this moment.

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