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Ree Just Revealed the New Tile for the Pioneer Woman Hotel and It's Gorgeous

If you didn't already know, the Pioneer Woman and her husband Marlboro man, Ladd, is opening up a brand spanking new hotel and we are more than excited to take a peek inside. The hotel is built just a few steps away from her shop and restaurant, The Mercantile, in downtown Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

The small town has been in need of a new hotel since the Food Network star opened The Mercantile. The three-story building features exposed brick walls with drug store murals and inspiration from New Orleans and downtown HoustonHer new hotel features 8 hotel rooms "with suites so comfortable and cozy, Marlboro and I are going to want to move into one," Drummond wrote.

Recently Ree Drummond shared the new tile flooring that is going into the Boarding House bathrooms. Aren't they so fun? Paired with some of Ree's home decor, you can bet this hotel is going to be picture perfect (make sure to click the arrows to see all the tile).

While we still don't know the opening-date of the 8-room hotel, we are loving her blog posts about the entire process. In fact, we decided to round up some of our favorite tile inspirations that would fit perfectly in her building project.

Our Tile Picks

These handmade tiles are such a beautiful contrast to the exposed brick. These would look beautiful either under your bare feet or on the wall like in the photo.

What I absolutely love about this tile is the patterns that show up where ever you look. Black and white tiles always add an elegance to any bathroom, and this one is no exception.


Wow, are these tiles out-of-this-world or what?! The brown and maroon accents would be the perfect color to use as the base of your towels.


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