The 12 Breathtaking Features of Southern Homes Every House Needs

Southern homes are steeped in the style and traditions of the good ol' days with porches perfect for enjoying on a Sunday afternoon with an ice-cold glass of sweet tea. Neighbors, friends, and loved ones stroll up to socialize and all the towels were monogramed. These style elements come from a long line of beautiful traditions that are still in style today, and will remain in style for many generations to come.

Super refined spaces are always contrasted with more casual elements, which give Southern homes a chic but lived-in feel. The best way to achieve this effortless look is by adding a few Southern-style elements to your space. We have composed a list of the 12 features that you can incorporate into your home to make it exude the sophistication of the South.

1. Sleeping porches are the best place to have your morning coffee.

Sleeping porches or sunrooms are rooms filled with windows and are the best way to enjoy the outside from the comfort of remaining indoors.

2. Monogram everything.

This tradition comes from the South's desire to hold onto its European ways.

This enduring art still remains a coveted part of Southern living.

3. Colorful nature-themed wallpaper brings the outdoors inside.

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Walls in the South are often adorned with colorful motifs of natural sceneries to add pops of color to any space, as well as, bring a little bit of nature indoors.

4. Lots of antiques add some much-needed charm.

Fill your space with loads of antique furniture or accessorize with a couple of antique pitchers or cups, to add a little historical flair and charm.

5. Family and friend-filled photographs everywhere.

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Southerners love to surround themselves with their happiest memories and the best way to do that is by filling your space with your most cherish photos of the ones you love.

6. Over-sized porches are the best place to enjoy a Spring breeze.

Front porches are a Southern staple, you really don't see too many houses without them. They are the best place to socialize with neighbors and bigger is always better.

The addition of a couple of matching rocking chairs and a porch swing are also always welcomed.

7. Ultra-luxurious curtains and over-sized windows.

Southerners enjoy spending most of their time outdoors and that includes bringing the outdoors inside.

Over-sized windows bring natural light into the space, while ultra-luxe curtains add a touch of Southern sophistication.

8. Fresh cut wildflowers always add a little joy to any space.

Whether you pick up some blooms from your local flowers shop or just pick some wildflowers form your front yard, vases of fresh flowers will add Southern charm to any space.

9. Distressed pieces add a little character to more traditional spaces.

Southern style is all about the look of tradition mixed with that lived-in feel, and distressed pieces are the perfect way to achieve that.

10. Canopy beds were once mostly practical but now add a touch of Southern whimsy to any bedroom.

The weather in the South is hot and humid, so canopy beds originally helped keep mosquitos and other pesky bugs at bay while you slept. Now, they're mostly just pretty to look at.

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Opt for a canopy bed without the linen curtains for a more modern approach to this Southern tradition.

11. Extra-comfy seating is a must.

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Homes in the South are often very lush, but once you get beyond their pristine intrigue you will noticed that most of the seating is over-stuffed and ultra-comfy.

12. It's the little details like crown molding that make a home Southern-style.

From the highly intricate to the more simplistic, adding crown molding to your space will instantly add a certain richness.

What Southern style elements have you incorporated into your home? Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats.

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