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The 8 Times the Pioneer Woman Made Our Year Even Better

In the heart of Oklahoma is Pawhuska, a small town that has now become buzzworthy thanks to influence of Ree Drummond and the Pioneer Woman empire. From opening the Mercantile last fall to the announcement that the Drummonds would soon build a boutique hotel downtown, it has been a big year for the close-knit Oklahoma family. As we continue our year-end countdown of the best stories we covered in 2017, we decided to focus on the eight times that the Pioneer Woman made us so excited to see what comes next.

How many of these stories do you remember? Also, did you pick up a Pioneer Woman slow cooker yet?

8. When she released a line of slow cookers

Let's get one thing straight: A slow cooker is a home cook's best friend. While many of you were so excited to check out these gorgeous floral slow cookers, a few had questions about what made them so portable.

I am here to tell you that those little bracket clamps on the side of this totally affordable slow cooker make all the difference when you have various family members holding warm food for a car ride. Keeping the lid in place is key, and so is a reasonable price point, two things that y'all loved most about them. Oh, and they're beautiful so there's that!

7. When she gave us beautiful bedding

This was one announcement we didn't see coming! The Pioneer Woman went from your kitchen to the bedroom with her bedding line through Walmart. Affordable with the ability to mix and match patterns, she didn't sacrifice quality for price.

We still love Ticking Stripe and Floral Medallion, which are your favorites?

6. When we listed the 10 fast facts every fan should know

Ree wouldn't kick you out of bed for eating crackers, but do you know many other facts about the food superstar? She built her empire from the comfort of her own home in an age where food blogging wasn't what it was now, and that's because she helped shape it!

Learn some of our favorite facts here. Did you know she used to be a vegetarian?

5. When we figured out the food she dislikes the most


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The day I learned what food the Pioneer Woman disliked the most, I almost cried. I couldn't imagine a Southern cook shying away from this ingredient, but alas, it's true. Luckily, our recipe archive can fill in the gaps.

4. When we made her 10 best comfort food recipes

We rounded up the recipes that are always on repeat in our kitchens for one huge list of the best comfort food recipes that the Pioneer Woman has to offer. It was simple, to the point, and delicious. To see the full list, check it out here.

3. When she released the holiday line we country cooks needed

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the trendy designs and kitchen items with a price tag higher than a month of my rent. It seems like y'all agreed because when we released our list of favorites from her holiday line, you couldn't keep away!

Walmart has become one of our new favorite places since exclusively featuring her kitchen and home designs, and that barn cookie jar now sits proudly on many a kitchen counter.

2. When she debuted The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Word spread like wildfire about the first issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine and unsurprisingly, it flew off shelves before most of us could stick the key in the ignition. However, a second printing gave us all an opportunity to hang out with Ree on the page, and not just the screen.

1. When we learned just how much land the Drummonds owned

Our most popular Pioneer Woman story this year was, by far, our report on her ranking on the list of America's largest landowners from the 2016 Land Report 100. Did you miss this article? It's a fascinating read, and just might change your mind about the family on the ranch.

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