15 Best Comfort Food Recipes from the Pioneer Woman We Love

Comfort Food and the Pioneer Woman go hand in hand. She is quite literally the expert on the subject. Paula Deen and some other ladies on the Food Network could definitely give her a run for her money, but today we are focusing on The Pioneer Woman comfort food recipes that home cooks love!

Check them out below and have a lovely week filled with comfort food because that's what Ree Drummond does best.

Our Favorite Pioneer Woman Comfort Food Recipes

1. Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

This is one of our favorite Pioneer Woman recipes. Usually indulged in the morning, this main dish recipe can have you feeling warm inside at any time of the day. Say goodbye to serving up French toast on Christmas morning, this easy recipe is surely a comfort dish you need to make.

Find the recipe here.

2. Smothered Pork Chops

Pork chops covered in a bell pepper gravy? Sign me up! The Pioneer Woman cooks this dish often for her family and Marlboro Man.

Find the recipe here.

3. Pot Roast

Sunday roast anyone? This is a one-pot dish that seriously warms from the inside out. Many recipes use a slow cooker for pot roasts but the Pioneer Woman likes to keep things simple and keep it all in one pot.

Find the recipe here.

4. Ree's Favorite Meatloaf

Just a heads up, this is meatloaf is over the top and covered in bacon. It doesn't get any more American than this. Great news for all!

Get the recipe here.

5. Pecan Pie

Who can say no to a lovely pecan pie, especially from the heart of Oklahoma? This dessert recipe features step-by-step photos of one of the South's favorite recipes.

Find the recipe here.

6. Mashed Potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes are for the soul, with extra emphasis on the creaminess. This side dish gets a punch of creaminess from none other than cream cheese. Who would have thought?

Find the recipe here.

7. Beans and Cornbread

This is definitely a dish I grew up on that will leave you full for days. If you looked up "cowboy food" in the dictionary this picture would surely pop up.

Find the recipe here.

8. Chicken Spaghetti

The picture says enough. Am I right? This is one recipe that will seriously be the talk of the town. Packed with cream of mushroom soup, pimentos, cheddar cheese, and chicken, this pasta bake has it ALL.

Find the recipe here.

9. Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese will never, I repeat, never get old. Is a list of comfort food actually a list of comfort food without a macaroni and cheese recipe?

Find the recipe here.

10. Shepherd's Cottage Pie

When done right, shepherd's cottage pie cannot be denied its comfort food status. This freezer-friendly recipe is perfect to make for friends or to make in big batches.

Find the recipe here.

11. Chicken and Dumplings

This dish packs great flavor, followed by a great nap. Yawn.

Find the recipe here.

12. Sweet Potatoes

This sweet potato recipe tops any other sweet potato recipe on the planet. Don't knock it until you try it.

Find the recipe here.

13. Beef Stroganoff

The way that sauce and those egg noodles interact is heavenly. I dare you not to engulf this dish.

Find the recipe here.

14. Pot Pie

A flaky crust with ooey-gooey insides combines to form a match made in heaven. When's the wedding?

Find the recipe here.

15. BBQ Meatballs

Comfort food works as an appetizer, as well. But you might plan on appetizers and end up passing out from the deliciousness of these.

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