What is Paula Deen's Net Worth?

There are a lot of great TV personalities out there, especially ones from Food Network television shows. While many of these celebrity chefs go through successful careers, some find it hard to stay out of the headlines. Once a popular Food Network cooking show host and known to many as the "Queen of Southern cooking," Paula Deen has had her share of success and controversy. It's hard not to think about the stories that came out in 2013 where she was accused by a former employee of using racial slurs such as the n-word along with a few other incidents.

Paula Deen admitted to these things happening in the workplace, however, the case was eventually dismissed. These incidents seriously damaged her career- Food Network did not renew any of her cooking shows, she lost endorsement deals, and was dropped by many sponsors. Yikes!

However, that doesn't mean Ms. Paula Deen hasn't been getting by since then. Born in Albany, Georgia and losing both of her parents before she was 25, Paula Deen found her passion for cooking since she also suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia. Before becoming a Food Network show host focusing on southern cooking, she went from just cooking in her home to expanding to a catering service, which then grew into a restaurant, The Lady & Sons in Savannah, Georgia.

Paula Deen's Net Worth

By the early 2000s, she was the cooking show host of Food Networks Paula's Home Cooking, Paula's Party, and Paula's Best Dishes. Her sons Bobby Deen and Jamie Deen made frequent appearances on her shows as well. In addition to all of these things, Paula Deen is a cookbook author and also snagged herself a Daytime Emmy Award. During this time, Ms. Deen's estimated net worth was a whopping $17 million.

After her many scandals and somewhat short appearance on the popular television show, Dancing with the Starsit's said she's been able to maintain a net worth of $14 million. She has been happily married to tugboat captain Michael Groover since 2004 and is continuing to earn an income as a restaurateur as well as trying to break out into the television world again. Launching Positively Paula, Paula Deen's Sweet Home Savannah and also regularly appearing on the home shopping network, Evine, Paula Deen has since continued to work hard on her career once again.

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