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The Top 10 Funniest Beer Super Bowl Commercials, Ranked

If there's one time during the entire year that Americans love to sit through commercials, it's during the Super Bowl. Noted to cost companies five million dollars for a 30-second spot, Super Bowl games are known to be the United States' most-watched television broadcast — and in the time of coronavirus when more people are staying home to slow the impact of the pandemic, that may prove even more true in 2020 than ever before.

Since the 1970's advertisers have been upping their game and producing hilarious and thought-evoking Super Bowl ads to show during the big game. Nowadays you can expect to see your favorite celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Danny DeVito, and Chris Pratt, in cameos or as a spokesperson, on the NBC broadcast sharing anything from Doritos to Pepsi, and of course, beer.

Budweiser and Anheuser-Busch have been fixtures in the Super Bowl Commerical scene since the beginning; buying a long-term contract with the NFL which let them show their commercials at a highly discounted rate. In fact, according to the annual Super Bowl Ad meter organized by USA Today, the beer company has placed first on the survey 14 times.

Any amount of airtime during the Super Bowl is a win for a company, and big names like Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Pepsico, Toyota, Amazon, Frito-Lay, Pringles, Microsoft, and more often try to make their way onto the list of Super Bowl advertisers. To narrow things down, let's specifically take a look at some of the best Super Bowl commercials about beer.

10. "Bud" "Weis" "er" - 1995

The oldest of the bunch, this classic Super Bowl spot is as simple as it is comedic. People loved the little frogs, however, it seemed like kids did as well, creating a controversy much like Joe Camel. The frogs were replaced by lizards in 1998 and the commercials focused on an older audience.

9. Old Milwaukee - 2012

Actor Will Ferrell made a cameo in this 2012 Old Milwaukee Super Bowl beer commercial. Wait, it doesn't look familiar? That's because it only aired in Nebraska. The star approached the beer brand and asked if he could record some unscripted commercials for free. Go on ahead, Will!

8.  Spuds MacKenzie Bud Light - 1987

The late 1980s brought us Spuds MacKenzie, a spunky dog that was always the star of the party. Although he was retired in 1989, Bud Light brought his ghost back in a recent 2017 Super Bowl commercial.

7. Budweiser Wassup - 1999

This commercial was so popular, the comedy, Scary Movie, parodied this fun catchphrase. And just last year Burger King and Budweiser partnered up to create a new version of the Wassup commercial.

6. Bud Light Secret Fridge - 2006

One thing I really love about Superbowl commercials is their ability to tell a hilarious story in under a minute. This one has a great surprise ending.

5. "BUSCHHHHH" - 2017

Sometimes in the world of best Super Bowl beer commercials, simplicity is best. This Busch commercial captures the brand perfectly.

4. Bud Light Sleigh Ride - 2004

This Bud Light Superbowl commercial from 2004 is not what you'd expect. Go on, you have to watch this one to believe it.

3. Bud Light Cavemen Invent Wheel! - 2008

Cavemen aren't just for Geico Insurance commercials. This 2008 commercial follows four cavemen as they invent the wheel and use it to bring their beer to the party.

2. The Bud Knight - 2018

Dilly dilly! This fun commercial was shown during Super Bowl LII as the finale to the Dilly Dilly trilogy. Listen to the voice of the Bud Knight; Can you recognize him? 

1. Zebra Budweiser - 2004

At the number one spot for the best Super Bowl beer commercial is none other than the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. The horses, which were first introduced in 1933, have been an important part of the Super Bowl, appearing in ads every year since 1986. People sometimes talk about what the Clydesdale did long after they're still chatting about the halftime show.

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This post was originally published on January 17, 2019.