'Dilly Dilly' Banned from The Masters, Bud Light Defends the Kingdom

Censorship is probably the last thing you would find at a golf tournament, but fans at this year's Masters tournament on Augusta National Golf Club territory have a list of phrases that will get them promptly ejected by the staff. The ruling comes after incidents between golf players and fans became more common this season. As Bunkered reported, a fan was thrown out of the Honda Classic in February and another spectator was ejected at the WGC-Dell Match Play. In an effort to stop rowdy fans from interrupting game play, Augusta National took things into their own hands with some seriously silly results.

Writer Bryce Ritchie received word that the security staff at the club received a list of words that are prohibited and as it turns out, "Dilly Dilly" is on that list. Sound familiar? Oh, you might have heard it 1,046 times since the Super Bowl when Bud Light began to push its Dilly Dilly campaign in earnest. Is it the Game of Thrones look and feel of the medieval commercials that fans love the most? Whatever the reason, it's caught on like wildfire. So much that Augusta National has to ban the phrase at the Masters.

If you need a refresher on the Dilly Dilly phenomenon, here's a good recap.

And what was Bud Light's response to this? Well, the beer brand isn't letting their viral slogan go, though, because after the crackdown was announced and Ritchie's tweet went viral, the beer brand issued their very own decree.

In the medieval style of the Dilly Dilly campaign, of course.

Here's the full text of the announcement.

"Your king hath received word that the guards of the Green Jacket plan to escort any patron who dare utter Dilly Dilly off yon premises.

Except for myself, I am against tyranny in all forms. So, I have instructed my royal tailors to make 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts that shall be delivered to Georgia in time for the festivities.

For if thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly.

That's right, Bud Light is shipping 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts to Georgia for attendees to wear to the Masters because one should never be banned from Dilly Dillying.

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