Reusable Drink Pouches Are the Convenient Way To Keep Your DIY Cocktails Close By

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I grew up as a Capri-Sun kid. I have fond memories of innocently sipping from those drink containers on Saturdays while watching cartoons. At some point, I guess I grew out of drinking from nifty little punch sacks. Maybe I thought they were just for kids. But, one adult day, while waiting tables in New Orleans I saw a bachelorette party with reusable drink pouches dangling from their necks.

Something tells me that this girl's weekend was not running on fruit punch. It's a simple idea. Lightweight and easy to carry, clear plastic bags filled up with DIY cocktails, juices, or smoothies can just make life so much easier. These Amazon best-sellers are the place to start your party.

Best Reusable Drink Pouch

1. Lucky Parent Neoprene Drink Insulator Sleeve w/ Lanyard (1 Red/1 Blue) & 20 Reusable Adult Juice Pouches with 20 Straws-Refillable Clear Drink Pouches Bags for Adults Alcohol - Travel Drink Bags for Kids

Maybe that bachelorette party was using these travel bags for their multipurpose drinking needs. The Lucky Parent pack comes with a slick sleeve to store your pouch in, as well as a lanyard to keep it close at all times. These would be a good party favor for adults and kids alike.

These standup bags are food grade-safe, with 100% BPA-free plastic. I just learned that these are for more than frosted beverages— they also hold hot drinks. Zipper drink pouches could be even more convenient than your favorite tumbler.

2. 200Pcs Reusable Drink Pouches Clear Drink Bags with Disposable Plastic Straws Smoothie Bags Juice Bags Resealable Double Zipper Reusable Handheld Translucent Stand-up Frozen Drinking Pouches for Adult Beverages

Kind of like the first brand of zipper pouches, only with more per order. The Myjie store claims that these are more than just ordinary drinking bags. They can also double as food storage bags too. Slide the straw into the storage loop and then use them for cookies, fruits, or other snacks.

3. Biodegradable Disposable Drink Pouches by EcoSip - Eco-Friendly w/Gusset Bottom & Reclosable Zipper, Non-Toxic, BPA & Phthalate Free - Hay Straws & Funnel Included (100pcs)

Environmentally friendly drink pouches are something I can get behind. The straws are made from hay, and the heavy-duty zip-to-lock plastic is made from bio-OPP material, which is said to oxidize and biodegrade in about a year's time. The only thing that won't break down is the zipper plastic.

With a volume of 13.5oz, you'll be saving a whole lot of plastic by reusing these pouches again and again!