These Handy Whisky Pouches Are Like Capri Suns for Adults

I have fond memories of Capri Sun pouches.  After Saturday morning soccer games, we were always rewarded with the sweet treats, inhaled within seconds of piercing the pouch. To showcase my individuality, I always pierced the straw into the pouch's bottom, making it impossible to sit upright so I had to slurp it down in one sitting.  The idea of a whisky pouch makes me feel like a little kid again, pining for that first sip.

I was pretty stoked on the idea of the whisky advent calendar, but this Whisky Me subscription service extends that excitement the whole year round. For $10 a month, you receive a 1.7-ounce whisky pouch, completely reminiscent of the Capri Sun ones (except with a twist-off top instead of the sippy straw, because slurping down good whisky would be woefully irresponsible). The company packs and ships these amazing bourbon whisky pouches right to your doorstep, how cool is that!


Whisky Me

The pouches themselves are designed with sustainability in mind. They use fewer materials to make than a glass bottle, producing around half the level of greenhouse gasses as the traditional method. Their lightweight design makes them easy and environmentally clean to ship, and the pouch cap and nozzle are recyclable as household plastic.

Members can send back empty pouches, and Whisky Me cleans and refills these pouches. There's also a reward of some free whisky as thanks for recycling. So much more than a pocket shot, these pouches would be perfect for serving up a DIY whisky bar during the holidays, like Thanksgiving or the like. Similar to a whisky-of-the-month club, this new subscription service


When I tried to sign up, I realized that they only ship to the United Kingdom. Cruel, cruel joke! Terrible disappointment! We can only hope that they'll see the benefits of sharing with their friends across the pond. Until then, we'll have to enjoy these Jack Daniel's Gifts.

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