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The 5 Jack Daniels' Gifts Your Whiskey-Lovin' Friends Want This Year

No need to check the list twice, we know what your whiskey loving friends want: Jack Daniel's gifts! Yes, that's right, these five Jack Daniel's whiskey-inspired gifts are the perfect accompaniments to your favorite Tennessee Whiskey. Just wrap up one of these gifts with a bottle of Jack Daniels' Tennessee Honey or go all out with a gift of Gentleman Jack. You'll be the master of gifts this holiday season.

We highly recommend setting up gift baskets with one of the gifts from this list, a bottle of Jack (bonus points if it's their favorite whiskey), and perhaps a pair of shot glasses.

1. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee

This Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee is great for your friend who cannot start the morning without a big mug of coffee. While this ground coffee doesn't actually have alcohol in it, the whiskey flavor stands out in this smooth and rich Arabica coffee bean blend.

If you are looking for a little bit more zing in your step, add a little splash from the whiskey bottle.

2. Jack Daniel's Praline Pecans

United States' grown pecans are the base of these Jack Daniel's Praline Pecans. Served in six individual bags, each pecan is infused with the rich and bold flavor of Jack Daniel's making it the perfect gift for friends and family.

3. Jack Daniel's Whiskey Praline Pecan Gift Tin

Perhaps individually wrapped servings aren't your thing. Or maybe you are looking for something to serve at your next party. Look no further than this 14-ounce Jack Daniel's Whiskey Praline Pecan Gift Tin filled to the brim with your favorite whiskey-flavored pecans.

4. Jack Daniel's Pecan Tennessee Whiskey Cake

Nothing says how much you care more than giving away this homemade Jack Daniel's Pecan Tennessee Whiskey Cake made with old no.7. Baked with the finest ingredients, this whiskey cake is infused with flavor and is ready to serve. You'll want to fill up your shopping cart with these!

5. Goldkenn Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Chocolates

Chocolate and whiskey lovers unite! This Goldkenn Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Chocolates is heaven in a box. 

Swiss dark chocolate is filled with whiskey making this gift perfect for in a gift set or in a gift box.

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