$149 Indoor Treehouse Will Make Rainy Days Memorable for Kids

On those rainy, summer days where you have exhausted all of your fun and creative ideas, sometimes you just need a boredom buster to keep the little ones entertained. When I was a kid, building a fort in the living room with couches and blankets always did the trick. It was like having my own hideaway. If you are working from home and want the kids to have their own play space, you no longer have to sacrifice your couches and good linen to create a fort for the kids. Indoor tree houses are here to save the day!

Traditional outdoor treehouses can get expensive. Not to mention, you probably have to hire someone to install it, which could take days or even weeks. Setting up an indoor tree fort is a breeze. This is super useful for the kids who are ready for imaginative play. If you are looking for a creative outlet for indoor play, see below for these super cool indoor tree forts from Amazon.

Best Indoor Tree Forts

Best for creativity + building

1. Kids-Fort-Building-Kits-130 Pieces-Creative Fort Toy for 5,6,7 Years Old Boy & Girls- Learning Toys DIY Building Castles Tunnels Play Tent Rocket Tower Indoor & Outdoor

Kids Fort Building Kit

Cardboard forts are a memorable part of any childhood. However, they are not built to last. This fort-building kit for kids is high-quality and easy to build. You get 44 joint balls and 86 rods that you twist together. This set is perfect for a 7-year-old who likes to create things and wants to build a fort.

Not only do you get a beautiful fort to pretend play, your little one gets to sharpen their planning and creative skills. You can put this fort in your children's bedroom or in a designated play area. This play tent set includes a carry bag, so you can take the fort-building skills to the beach, Grandma's, or to a friend's.

When you're done playing indoors, you can take this weather-resistant fort outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. You can easily turn this playset into a cozy outdoor fort. All you need to do is cover the fort with a thin sheet and string lights, and you have a DIY outdoor experience your kids will love. Don't forget the popcorn!

Best tent under $30

2. Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse - Indoor Outdoor Play Tents for Girls Boys - Toddler Toy House Small Clubhouse Green Portable

Kids Play Tent Children Playhouse

Playtime does not need to be expensive. For under $30, you can give your kids a memory they will never forget. This indoor playhouse is the perfect addition to your child's playroom. They can grab their favorite book and blanket and have a cozy day indoors. Kids having their safe, private area allows for endless imaginative play.

This play tent is sure to be their favorite room in the house! Not only is this play tent indoor and outdoor-friendly, but it also has easy assembly. You can set it up in under ten minutes. When your child is not playing inside, you can use it to store their toys or use it as a ball pit.

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Best indoor treehouse

3. HearthSong Big Indoor Tree Fort Build-A-Fort Kit with Four Working Windows and Door, 7'H x 58" diam., with Sturdy Cardboard Pieces and Hook and Loop Tape

HearthSong Big Indoor Tree Fort

This spacious indoor tree fort is exactly what is missing in your kid's room! I can definitely see a kid grabbing their favorite toy and playing inside this hollow tree hideaway for hours. It is made with heavy-duty cardboard and can withstand kids playing inside and around it. There is no hassle in assembling this boredom buster. This kit includes slotted cardboard panels, connectors, and loop tape.

You also get a set of directions that will help you get this fort up in no time. This tree fort enables your child's imagination which is great for when they need to unplug from their tablets. This makes the perfect gift for your grandkids, birthdays, or even as a Christmas gift.

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$149 Indoor Treehouse Will Make Rainy Days Memorable for Kids