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Ree Drummond's Reaction to the Rat on her Cooking Show is Priceless

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's cooking show usually consists of Drummond cooking up a delicious dish for her viewers, inspiring home cooks to make their own versions. However, in this segment, Ree's cooking show didn't go quite as she had planned.

The Pioneer Woman

The food network star lives on a Pawhuska, Oklahoma ranch with her rancher husband Ladd Drummond. She films her show at The Lodge, and her kids, Alex, Paige, Bryce, Jamar and Todd, are often featured on their social media accounts. They also film all of Ree Drummond's home cooking segments for her food network show, The Pioneer Woman.

On her show, the Pioneer Woman cooks delicious recipes that are easy for home cooks to replicate. To see all of her recipes from strawberry ice cream to BBQ chicken, check out From snippets of Alex's wedding to the Pioneer Woman's live shopping trip through Walmart, her kids always add a burst of fun and entertainment, and this cooking segment was no exception.

An Uninvited Guest

Our favorite blogger-turned-ranch wife was in the middle of spreading butter onto a bread bowl for her TV show when a rat scurried across the kitchen behind her. Drummond's family members, who were filming, shrieked and ran away. Although Drummond didn't know what had happened, she screamed along with her family members in a hilarious moment of chaos.

Within seconds, everyone was sitting and standing on countertops and tables. The best part was afterward, when Ree and her family members continued to scare each other by shrieking as if the rat had come back. It was just too easy!

Mauricio Scott, Alex's now-husband, exclaimed "I thought it was a bunny!" as he remarked on how large the uninvited visitor was.

Afterward, Ree jokingly said "I consider myself a trailblazer on Food Network. After all, I think I'm the only host on the network that's had a large pack rat run through the kitchen in the middle of filming a cooking show. The (very) unwelcome visitor interrupted shooting, and the screams (not just mine-right, Mauricio) were plentiful."

Here's the hilarious video!