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Crew Gaines Crashed Joanna Gaines' Cooking Show and It Was Too Cute

Joanna Gaines, the "fixer upper," was starting a cooking video as usual when she realized there was an unexpected and adorable presence in the kitchen. Her son Crew Gaines, wanted to get in on the action and nothing was going to stop him.

A Little Helper

2-year-old Crew is Joanna Gaines' youngest son, and he's either very interested in cooking or simply wants to do what his mom is doing. In a video posted to her Instagram page, she showed Crew's surprise entrance and then his cooking skills, involving his own little spoon.

Joanna Gaines' back was turned when the camera shows little Crew walk into the kitchen, pull a box out from under the table, and stand on it. He's clearly ready to get his hands dirty, and he's fully prepared with his little cooking spoon!

Here's the video to see the cuteness for yourself.

Once Gaines realized that she had a kitchen visitor on her cooking show, she asked where his dad Chip Gaines was, but he clearly wanted to stay and help out. She eventually moved his box over next to her, letting him watch her cook as he held his spoons. The caption on her social media post said "my favorite part of today," and she posted another pic of him on his little box watching her cook.

The Adorable Gaines Family

The Gaines family has five adorable children; Ella Roase, Emmie Kay, Drake, Duke, and of course her youngest child Crew. They often show up in the Gaines' Magnolia Network show Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, playing in the yard or helping out with gardening.

The Gaineses are pretty busy this week, from launching the Magnolia app to airing a new season of Fixer Upper, in which they revitalize houses in central Texas. The mom and dad work together in an efficient team; Chip Gaines is the contractor while Joanna Gaines is the designer, using pretty color palettes and tasteful decor. Fixer Upper was originally an HGTV show, but now airs on the Gaineses' own network, Magnolia Network.

This, along with Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Homes in Waco, Texas and a few new series, is a lot for one plate. As stressful as this may be for them, we can't wait for more heartwarming and authentic content from the Gaines family and their wonderful children!