chip and joanna gaines kids
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Get To Know Chip And Joanna Gaines' Five Children: Drake, Duke, Ella, Emmie, And Crew

Chip and Joanna Gaines instantly became household names when Fixer Upper first debuted on HGTV in 2013. The couple not only completely transformed the appeal of the small Waco, Texas, known mostly as the home of their alma mater Baylor University at that point, but turned their Magnolia realty business into more than they could have ever dreamed of. Now they are one of the biggest employers in all of Waco and have turned the Magnolia brand into a national name. 

One of the best parts about the Gaineses, is they have always stressed the importance of family. Even while shooting a successful TV show, building the Magnolia Market at the Silos, opening up their restaurant Magnolia Table, and running a partnership with Target, the Gaines family focuses on their kiddos and gives them as normal a life as possible. Joanna and her husband Chip would regularly take viewers to their picturesque Waco farm in episodes of Fixer Upper, where Joanna would make cookies or cupcakes with the kids before being out all night staging their latest house. In the process, the world got to watch the Gaines children grow up over the course of the show. If you can believe it, Chip is actually the more strict parent between the two.

chip and joanna gaines kids

YouTube (Emmie, Duke, Ella, and Drake Gaines)

"I grew up in an environment that was pretty much 'back by dark' — [my parents] didn't generally know what we were doing, and it was all good, clean fun," Chip told People. "So I thought, 'Oh, I'm gonna be a wild parent.' And when I got to be a parent, I don't know what it is about it ... I feel a little bit like a drill sergeant sometimes. Some elements of my personality, as a parent, I'm not real crazy about."

"It's funny, I'm a little more laid back than I thought I'd be," Joanna added. "[There are] certain things that I really care about, but I think the funny part, with Chip, is just the video games, the TV. That's where he kinda gets a little strict. It's, 'You go play outside.' "

Here's a closer look at the five children of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Drake (17)

Drake was named after the Drake Hotel in New York City, where Chip and Jo went on their honeymoon. It's truly shocking that he's now old enough to have a driver's license. It was an emotional experience for Chip and Jo, Chip explained to People. Since Drake is in high school, we can't wait to see where he decides to go to college. Maybe Baylor?

 "I was so excited leading up to it, and Jo was too, kind of," he recalls. "Then we get this kid his license, and the first morning he goes to drive, Jo bawls her eyes out. She was just devastated and wanted no part. She wants to hire him a chauffeur!"

Ella Rose (16)

Eldest daughter Ella has always been quieter in front of the cameras, but Joanna has shouted her praises for years that she inherited her mom's knack for interior design. Mom's even praised her cooking skills, bragging about how Ella's summer job in 2018 was selling baked goods from Joanna's cookbook around the Magnolia office. 

Duke (14)

Middle son Duke was a total cutie back when he was seen on Fixer Upper with his siblings. While all of the Gaines children were encouraged to play outside and enjoy the family farm, Duke really gravitated towards the garden where Joanna would regularly plant things with the kids. Based on this Instagram post, it seems that Duke likes to pickle peppers with his mom!

Emmie Kay (12)

Can you even handle that sweet Emmie is nearly a teenager? She was always the cutest little girl on Fixer Upper, typically more vocal than her older siblings whenever mom would get them involved in the design process. Now she's growing her own plants and coming up with her own designs. Joanna even posted back in 2018 that her summer job was selling her floral arrangements at the Magnolia office. 

Crew (4)

As if Chip and Jo didn't have enough going on after announcing they were launching their own network, another new baby seemed like one heck of an undertaking. But sweet Baby Crew effortlessly joined his older siblings and is regularly shared by his parents on social media. His siblings seem to have taken him under their wing and are seen doing all kinds of activities with him around the house and the farm.

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