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Have an Eco-Friendly Wine Night With Recyclable Plastic Wine Cups

One of my favorite parts of hosting is offering wine to my guests. One of my least favorite parts is washing glassware. There's always a handful of wine glasses that need cleaning. Just to avoid dishes, I sometimes grab a few cases of beer to avoid washing wine glasses. Now that recyclable wine cups are a thing, the clean up is just as easy, and I can enjoy red wine with the girls.

I'm someone who can't go to bed without tidying up after guests leave, so being able to toss plastic wine glasses along with beer cans is a win for me, and our environment. These plastic cups look just like wine glasses! See for yourself why these recyclable wine glasses are perfect for your next party.

TOSSWARE 14oz Vino - recyclable wine plastic cup

I love the fact that I don't feel like I'm serving wine in red solo cups. I'm not dissing red solo cups, but wine night and a keg party just aren't the same. You don't have to trade the aesthetic of glass drinkware for recyclable cups.

The plastic glasses come in sets of 4-252 glasses. Wow! Sounds like these are perfect for weddings, graduation parties, and many special occasions. These crystal clear glasses are shatterproof. Unless you pick one up, you probably can't even tell they're not stemless wine glasses.

If you'd like to reuse them, hand wash these recyclable wine glasses. They are not dishwasher safe, but they are BPA-free. Ladies, I know lots of y'all are the matriarchy of your families. This means your children and their children probably flock to your home for the holidays. Your home is the place to be for all gatherings.

Get your drinkware ready for your next dinner or gathering. They're stackable, so you can easily store these for special events. My favorite cleaning perk is that you don't have to worry about broken glass, and of course, you get to throw all of the recyclable plastic cups in the recycling bin!

TOSSWARE has different types of unbreakable drinkware. Add a decanter, champagne flute, vino, and tumbler to your collection. There's a cup for everything. Brunch, New Year's, and dinner. With these, you can't be called out for not being eco-friendly.

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