Red Solo Cup Inventor Passes Away at 84

The man best known for creating the famed red Solo cup passed away on Dec. 21. He was 84.

Robert Leo Hulseman created the famous red plastic cup while working at his father's company, the now famous Solo Cup Company. Strangely enough, there's little detail on the cup's exact creation date, just that Hulseman was responsible.

Be that as it may, Hulseman unwittingly invented what would become an American icon. He was a part of every house party, cookout, or tailgate you've ever been to.

The red solo cups have become an American staple. Hulseman's invention has even been immortalized by Toby Keith's 2011 hit, "Red Solo Cup."

Hulseman began working for the Solo Cup Company when he was 18. His career rise was one of classic American determination, working up the ranks before eventually becoming president and CEO. Over his 60 year career, Hulseman developed Solo Cup Company into one of the largest food service packaging companies in the world.

So, to honor Hulseman' s contribution to parties and tailgates everywhere, raise a red solo cup in his memory. While he may have passed on, his spirit will forever remain a vital part of celebrations everywhere.

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Red Solo Cup Inventor Passes Away at 84