7 Genius DIY Planters Made from Inexpensive Recycled Materials

Why spend money on expensive planters when you can make your own at a fraction of the cost using recycled materials? DIY planters using recycled materials are better for the environment, they save you money, and they look fabulous! If you're getting ready to plant this spring, avoid a pricey planter set and make your own instead.

Most planters can be made with materials you already have around the house - just take a look. Mason jars, water bottles, and even books can provide a thriving environment for your plants. If you're dying to get started on your own DIY planters, then try out your craftiness using one of these seven recycled materials.

1. Books

Have some old books laying around that you're never going to read? Turn them into a planter box. If you don't happen to have anything laying around, you can always hit the used book store and buy a hard cover for a few bucks. This is a beautiful way to display your plants on the coffee table or an end table.

Making a planter out of a book is pretty easy, and it takes roughly an hour or two. If you're worried about the pages sopping up water, Crafts n' Coffee has a tutorial you can follow that leaves the book mildew-free with natural drainage holes. Check it out here.

2. Tires

The tread on your old tire may be too busted for the car, but not for the garden. With a little bit of paint and a touch of creativity, you can turn an old tire into a beautiful garden planter, no clay needed.

DIY Showoff has a cool design for these outdoor planters that teaches you how to hang the tire indoors or outdoors. All you need is some spray paint (terra cotta orange, perhaps?), potting soil, a chain and hook, flowers, and of course, a tire.

Take a look at see how it's done here.

3. Recycled Plastic Bottles


Wouldn't it be great if you could recycle your plastic bottle, and have a planter that waters itself? Oh wait, you can.

These planters are designed to get the right amount of water to the plants, using a sub-irrigation system. Requiring limited material, all you need is a 2-liter plastic bottle, potting soil, seeds, cotton string, and a block of wood! Oh, and some water of course.

Head on over to DIY How To and they'll show you how you can recycle your bottles today for a self watering planter.

4. Mason Jars

Have some old mason jars in the kitchen? One of the many uses for a mason jar is a planter, especially if you have different color options of mason jars. The size makes them especially useful when planting herbs. Simply fill them with potting soil, plant the herbs, and watch them grow in the lush brown soil.

The great thing about the mason jars is they can take up as much or as little space as you like. If you don't have room for a large planter box mason jars are the way to go. You can bolt them to a piece of recycled wood and label for a more organized garden.

Just take a look and see how Camille Styles made this mason jar herb garden. Additionally, you can spray paint your mason jars to suit your aesthetic. An opaque white version would be lovely against the brilliant green.

5. Wine Bottles

Before you go chucking your empty wine bottles into the recycling, take a look at these succulent planters. Your lawn & garden will look like a rustic French backyard. The best part is that wine bottles are weather resistant, so your plants will stay protected even in stormy conditions.

Wine bottles are the perfect home for your crafty succulent planter design. They do take a bit of skill, however, to make. If you've never tried glass cutting before, let TheWhoot show you how you can turn your bottles into a succulent garden.

6. Wine Corks

If cutting into a glass wine bottle isn't your thing, then use the cork instead. From a planter box to individuals corks, you can make planters according to the size you need.

Take a look at how to make these adorable mini cork planters over at It All Started with Paint. They're magnetic on the back, so you can hang them on the fridge, or out in the yard. Wherever you put them, these cute mini planters are sure to liven up your space.

Pro Tip: Press a credit card into the cork to mark the exact center on a straight middle line before you start carving it out.

7. Pallets

Pallets are no new material to the up-cycled DIY world. From furniture to candle holders, you can do almost anything with pallets - including planters. Move your plants away from the windows and into the full sunlight with this incredible herb garden DIY.

There are a few ways you can go about using pallets. You can break them down and turn them into a ground planter box, you could hang boxes on the wall, or you can take the pallet and post it up as is, making a vertical planter. The great thing about the vertical planters is it's space efficient and keeps all your plants organized.

If you want to learn how to make this vertical planter, then head on over to DIY Showoff and start your garden today.

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