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Reba McEntire, the Tater Tot Queen: Why Does She Hand Out the Delicious Snack on 'The Voice?'

Reba has the most unique (and delicious) team gift in 'The Voice' history.

When singers join a team on The Voice, they not only get the chance to work with an established coach with years of experience in the industry, but they also get to take home a pretty cool gift. Coaches began giving gifts on The Voice when Kelly Clarkson arrived on the scene in 2018 with her "Team Kelly" jackets. Since then, each coach has come up with their own unique gift idea to give their team members, and they often show them off while trying to get a singer to join their team. These gifts are often clothing items, but they have extended to coolers, bobbleheads and even vocal health kits. This season, however, there's a coach gift that has yet to be seen on the show.

'The Voice' Coach Gifts for Season 24

John Legend

Each coach's gift not only offers them a chance to reward their new team member, but it also shows off their personality. John Legend returned to The Voice this year with his famous "Legend" jacket. The singer has released a few iterations of the piece over the years, and this year, he's offering a classic red and white varsity jacket with "Legend" printed across the back. The jacket not only shows which team a singer clearly belongs to, but it also labels the person who wears it as a legend forever.

"The Legend varsity jackets are very enticing to get people on my team and much better than sweatshirts, tater tots, whatever else they're trying to give you," Legend says of the item. "You want a Legend jacket."

Gwen Stefani

Veteran coach Gwen Stefani is also offering a clothing item to her team members on The Voice season 24, but instead of a jacket, she chose a comfy hoodie with her name on it. The sweatshirt is mostly black, and Stefani's name is written in white, gothic font with a yellow outline. Underneath her name, there is a black and yellow-tiled design. The same logo appears on the sleeves of the sweatshirt as well. Like the other coaches, Stefani has been known to flaunt the sweatshirt while trying to get a singer to join her team.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan returns for his second season as a coach on Season 24, and he's bringing his signature Niall Horan sweatshirts along with him. Originally offered in only a grey-blue color, Horan is not offering a teal version of the sweatshirt this year. The piece features a flower design on the back with a smiley face that matches the logo for his Hello Lovers EP. The back of the sweatshirt also reads "Team Niall, The Voice" in black font. The sweatshirts not only look incredibly cozy, but they will help Horan's team members remember their time on The Voice for years to come.

Reba McEntire

McEntire is a new coach this year, so she had to bring something unique to the table when it comes to the coaches gift. Instead of offering a piece of clothing, or even another piece of merchandise for that matter, McEntire is gifting team members with tater tots. Already, the coach has been seen whisking her team members away for a generous helping of "Reba's Tots" after they choose her team, and the gesture matches perfectly with her fun personality and Southern charm.

Reba has been vocal about her love for the tasty snack. Her boyfriend Rex Linn even calls her "tater tot." (The couple even bonded over tater tots.)

Although Reba is perfectly happy with her "gift," the other coaches have already begun poking fun at the undeniably temporary item. When all four coaches were vying for Mac Royals to join their team, McEntire touted her tots, and Legend and Horan immediately began disparaging the product.

"Would you like something that you can eat very quickly or would you like a Legend jacket?" said Legend as he brought out his jacket.

"Reba's tots are soggy," added Horan.

Despite Legend and Horan's best efforts, it seems the contestants of The Voice do enjoy Reba's Tots, as many of them — including Royals — have chosen to join her team.

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The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC.

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