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Reba McEntire Reveals Who She Thinks 'Will Go Really Far' on 'The Voice'

McEntire says Deejay Young is a frontrunner.

Reba McEntire made her debut as a coach on The Voice during the show's season premiere on Monday (Sept. 25), but the country legend already seems like a seasoned professional in the role. McEntire bantered with the best of them throughout the first night of blind auditions, and she also shared who she thinks might have a chance of winning the whole competition.

McEntire — who has been crowned the "Queen" on The Voice stage — gave that serious compliment to 33-year-old Deejay Young, who performed Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work." His performance, featuring soaring high notes and impeccable vocal control, received chair turns from McEntire, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. After his performance, Young revealed that he is a cast member on the the touring production of hit Broadway show, Hamilton.

Both Niall Horan (who did not turn his chair) and Stefani admitted they can't sing like Young, but Stefani said she'd be the perfect cheerleader for him. Legend was especially enamored by Young's performance, saying he has the ability to "combine the masculine and the feminine in a song."

"You have it," Legend says of Young's talent. "And we just need to be here to help shine that light."

McEntire then praised Young's "versatility and talent," and Young expressed his respect for McEntire.

When it came time for Young to choose a coach, he struggled with the decision for a moment, but he chose Legend in the end.

"Like I said, Reba, you're such a legend in my eyes, but I remember the first time I heard [Legend's] Get Lifted album," he said. "It changed my life, so I have to go with another legend, John."

Although Young didn't choose McEntire's team, she had nothing but good things to say about the singer. She even proclaimed that he might be a frontrunner in the competition.

"Deejay, I think he'll go really far in this competition," she said, before reiterating her intention to win the competition. "I'm new to this, I'm still learning, but I am very competitive, so I'm going to win. I'll just say it."

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