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Raw Chicken Jumps Off Plate in Disturbing Viral Video

While chefs have always said, "Fresher is better," this one viral video is quick to prove that sometimes food can be too fresh. The recent bizarre viral video, which was filmed in a restaurant in Florida, shows what seems like a piece of raw chicken on a plate. All of a sudden the raw piece of chicken starts to twitch which prompts the restaurant-goers to scream as they watch the raw meat jump from the restaurant table to the floor.

Watch: Raw Chicken Jumps Off Plate

According to Yahoo! News, the zombie meat fiasco was filmed by Rie Phillips of Miami, Florida. The restaurant has not been named, but looking at the trending video for clues, it could either be a Japanese, Chinese, or Korean restaurant perhaps, looking at the chopsticks.

Wherever the Florida woman was eating dinner, it's safe to say the chicken breast was as fresh as ever. According to Scientific American, it's quite common for raw, freshly killed, meat (like octopus and frog legs) to still have active nerve endings firing after their death. An Addition of salt can cause the muscles to contract and make it seem like the chicken you had just butchered a few minutes ago, is now a certified zombie chicken.

You can see the reaction in action in the crazy squid video that circled social media back in 2017. Once the soy sauce (which is very salty) is poured on top of the squid, it starts to move its tentacles and almost stand up. While it's totally natural and safe, most people find it pretty freaky and there's no doubt seeing their meal become "undead" for a minute is more than enough to envoke some sort of panic.

What would you do if you saw your raw chicken jump off your plate?

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