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17 Restaurant Workers Reveal the One Thing You Should Never, Ever Order

If ignorance is bliss, then it's best to not dig too hard into your fast food habits. Of course there will be hits and misses at even your favorite restaurants. Maybe a Chick-fil-A employee will forget to say, "My pleasure," after you thank them for taking your order. Maybe Whataburger won't have the drink mix on hand to make the famous secret menu Whataburger Hulk drink. However, there are some secrets of the trade that can only be learned through experience. When we found this Reddit thread of fast food workers' opinions, we knew we had to share some of these answers.

If you prefer to continue enjoying your fast food experience without looking deeper into the products and ingredients you're eating, it might be best to pass by this article and continue living in blissful ignorance. However, those who want to know the conditions in which their food is cooked should probably hear what the people on the inside say. When we found this Reddit thread, we knew we had to share some of these answers.

From Whataburger to Starbucks to Subway, many fast food chains are mentioned by current or former fast food workers. Some shed light on the ingredients in various menu items, others speak about how long different items are left out, and others simply explain that certain menu items are inconvenient for workers to make. If you see your favorite fast food restaurant on this list, read on to see which things on the menu might be best to avoid on your next trip in.

Fast food employees from chains around the country reveal the one thing you should just never, ever order.

1. The Starbucks secret menu.

2. Lemons and ice, everywhere.

3. But olive olives!

4. Panera's pasta.

5. Subway's seafood.

6. Jack in the Box milkshakes.

7. Concession stand hot dogs.

8. Sonic's chicken isn't... chicken?

9. Little Caesar's imposter butter.

10. Taco John's beans.

11. KFC's BBQ sandwich and pot pies.

12. Any McDonald's McCafe drink ever.

13. Just reconsider Olive Garden altogether.

14. Chick-fil-A is cleaner than Ruth's Chris Steak House?!

15. Einstein Bagel's eggs.

16. Grocery store restaurants in general.

17. Dunkin' Donuts' pre-cooked eggs.

Did your favorite orders make this list?

This post was originally published on May 9, 2019.

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