Blake Shelton's Mother Is An Ageless Wonder 'His Mother Looks Younger Than He Does'
Photo By Instagram/blakeshelton

Rare Pic Of Blake Shelton's Mom Wows Fans: 'His Mother Looks Younger Than He Does'

We've all had that time when we learned a person's age and our jaw dropped. "Wait, you're how old?" That can either be a flattering moment or a painful reminder that time waits for none of us. Blake Shelton and his mother appear to be fighting that exact battle as a result of a Mother's Day photo.

Somehow, it's both wholesome and tragic. Here's the photo I'm sure Shelton didn't see any harm in posting.

It's a man, his mama, and some questionable home-decorating decisions. It's a celebration of only the most inoffensive of holidays: Mother's Day! Or it's supposed to be, anyway.

The quote in the headline was one of the first comments I saw when I came across the photo. Mama Shelton must've had a few sips from the Fountain of Youth because she looks great. Seriously! She and the country hitmaker look like they could actually be siblings!

But is that a compliment to Mama Shelton or an insult to Blake?

Blake Shelton, His Mama, And The Wild West That Is The Internet

It's a tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme: if you have anything of value you cherish or love, leave it off the internet. You know how now, as adults, we realize how cruel (and funny, admittedly) children can be? Well, that's the internet — 24/7.

It's why, as a writer, I'm always so happy when I can write for a publication that doesn't have a comment section. Why subject myself to that, you know? If I'm terrible, let me be terrible in an echo chamber where I can pretend I'm doing a good job!

That's a genuine compliment! There's nothing backhanded or passive-aggressive about it. It's nice, it makes you feel good about yourself! Or this one:

That's all you have to say! "Looks good, hope y'all have a nice day." That's it! I get that you can say whatever you want on the internet (within reason), but it seems cruel to call the man out like that.

He's gonna be in a movie with Mark Wahlberg, okay? Let him live his life. That's your "Internet 101" lesson for the day, folks. The internet can always find a way to ruin your fun!

...It's the gray, man. It really doesn't help his case.