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We Ranked Rachael Ray's Halloween Costumes Through the Years

Rachael Ray is a pro at weeknight dinners, easy veggie recipes and burgers. Whether you're in the mood for baked ziti casserole, a grilled cheese, or nachos, she has a simple and delectable recipe. Along with her prowess in the kitchen, Rachael Ray is a big fan of Halloween, which she celebrates with an annual audience costume contest on the Rachael Ray Show.

She also has many spooky Halloween recipes, like DIY candy corn, caramel apples, skeleton cupcakes, and meat ghoul-ash. For anyone looking to throw an awesome jack-o'-lantern Halloween party or find fun ways to use leftover Halloween candy, this Food Network star has your back. Along with cooking Halloween treats and encouraging others to get into the spirit, Rachael Ray has an impressive track record when it comes to Halloween costumes. Every year, she, her hubby John Cusimano, and their dog Bella Blue Boo go all out with their costumes.

In the Halloween spirit, we took it upon ourselves to check out Rachael Ray's costumes of the past, from 2007 to now, and we definitely found some gems. Here's our ranking of Rachael Ray's Halloween costumes over the years:

14. '20s Flapper

In 2019, Rachael Ray dressed like a 1920's flapper. While we love the idea, we don't feel that she executed it as well as she could have. Where are the frills at the bottom, or the feather boa? She's brought the enthusiasm as usual, but we think a Halloween-lover like Rach can do better.

13. '80's Zombie Prom Queen

The year before, in 2018, Rachael Ray was a zombie prom queen. While John looks like he just rose from the dead, Rachael looks a bit too lively to be going to zombie prom. With more zombie makeup and a few rips in the dress, she'd be believable, but we're just not seeing it.

12. Caddy Shack Gopher

In 2020, Rachael Ray remained committed to her love of Halloween despite the global pandemic. She and John celebrated the holiday from their home in New York, and posted a video explaining their costumes. John is Bill Murray's character from Caddy Shack, and Rachael is the gopher. Although we love her unwavering commitment to the holiday, we've seen better costumes from her. However, props to Rachael for dressing up at all!

11. Little Red Riding Hood

In 2011, Rachael Ray was the most adorable little red riding hood. She donned a long red cape and stood in the forest awaiting an evil wolf, but we've seen more elaborate costumes that knocked this one to the back. It's not that this was a bad costume, just that Food Network's queen of Halloween has done some pretty fantastic ones over the years, and this one doesn't quite measure up.

10. Medieval Queen

In 2017, Rachael Ray dressed up as a medieval queen. She wore a long red dress, matching John's long robe, and they wore regal crowns. Although they look amazing, Bella Blue Boo stole the show that year with her tassled purple and gold robe. This was definitely a good one!

9. '50's Diner Waitress

Rachael Ray was a '50's diner waitress in 2012, and she pulled it off so well! Although this costume is less elaborate than the medieval queen one, it gets extra points because of how believable it is. From the hair to the dress to the apron, Rachael Ray is straight out of a '50s diner, ready to take your order.

8. Damsel in Distress

In 2008, Rachael Ray dressed up as a Damsel in Distress. She was in distress because of King Kong, who John was dressed up as. This one is cute and funny, and we love the throwback to King Kong. However, Rachael Ray looks way too happy to truly be afraid.

7. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

In 2009, Rachael Ray was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and John was the scarecrow. She fully committed, with her basket, pigtails, and dress. If only Bella Blue Boo could've gotten a bit smaller and worn a black wig, it would've been perfect!

6. Circus Ringleader

In 2016, Rach was a circus ringleader. She looks so cool with her red and gold jacket and her shiny black hat, and we can definitely picture her directing the performers and training the monkeys. This one also gets extra points for creativity, because who's ever seen a circus ringleader Halloween costume?

5. Lady Pirate

No collection of Halloween costumes is complete without a pirate in there somewhere. I will definitely admit that a pirate is always my fall-back costume. In 2013, Rachael Ray is right out of the Pirates of the Caribbean, with her feathered hat and pirate husband by her side. They even have a ship to cross the seas!

4. Jessica Rabbit

Rachael Ray was Jessica Rabbit in 2010, and she looks incredible in her long, red sequined dress. John also went all out as Roger Rabbit, and they make quite the pair. One of the best parts of this costume is the background set-up. The entire stage was made into a spooky cemetery, with gravestones, fallen leaves, and eerie blue lighting.

3. Flight Attendant

In 2007, Rachael Ray was a flight attendant. This one made it so far up the list because Rachael Ray is so believable in this role! All she did was put on a jacket, bag, scarf and flight attendant hat, but she really pulls it off. Maybe it's because her cheerful demeanor perfectly complements the costume, but she could definitely fool me.

2. Queen of the Nile

in 2014, Rachael Ray dressed up as the queen of the Nile, and she looks straight out of Egypt. She wore a long, shiny dress, while John is decked out as a king or knight of some kind. The best part is the camel! She and John were out to impress this year, and we're loving it.

1. Cave Woman

As difficult as this decision was, we chose her 2015 costume as the best of all. Rachael Ray dressed up as a cave woman this year, and she wore animal skins and furs. John had a similar outfit, with fully combed out hair and a club. This was our fave, for the commitment to the costume and the background scenery, which was full of dinosaurs.