Pay Homage to Your Favorite Outlaw Country Artists This Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday. It's a chance to show off your personality and creativity. Usually, some of our favorite artists can say a lot about our personalities. If you grew up on outlaw country, then you can probably say you're a bit rugged or resilient. Outlaw country music has played a big role in my life. The lyrics from numerous country artists like The Highwaymen and Merle Haggard says a lot about me.

If outlaw country artists have made an impact on who you are, show it this Halloween by paying homage to one of your favorite country singers.

Hank Williams

The Nudie suit is the trademark Hank Williams' look. Just how we all imagine Johnny Cash in his black suit, we can only think of the white suit Hank was always in. Nudie suits played a huge role in country music. If you'd like to see Hank's suits in person, be sure to visit the Hank Williams Museum. If you're feeling crafty, cut out some music notes from the musical notes table cover below, and hot glue them onto the suit.

Tan cowboy hat



Willie Nelson

Considering Willie dresses super casual, you can't go wrong with a plain t-shirt and jeans. What makes the Willie Nelson costume is the braided ponytail wigs and American flag bandana. If you're going for a more recent Willie look, go for a grey wig and bandana. Extra points if you add facial hair!

willie nelson wig

Johnny Cash

"'Till things are brighter, I'm the man in black." If you want to be Johnny Cash for Halloween, you have to wear the signature black suit. It wouldn't make sense to wear anything else. Make it a couples costume and have someone dress up as June Carter!

black suit

Waylon Jennings

Love, love, love Waylon's style! The leather vest is a classic look, but the embroidered western shirt is also a popular choice for the country icon.


embroidered western shirt

Country fans, if there's anything you should already have in your closet already to complete any of these Halloween costumes, it's cowboy boots. Another way to really put these looks together is by carrying a guitar!

If you need costume ideas for other influential artists we adore, I recommend dressing up as Roy Orbison. A black suit and black sunglasses are all you need.

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Pay Homage to Your Favorite Outlaw Country Artists This Halloween