How to Throw A Spooky Halloween Bonfire, Skull Logs and All

Trick-or-Treating may be one of the most popular Halloween traditions, but did you know hosting a Halloween bonfire night is one of the oldest traditions you can take part in? It's no coincidence that bonfire parties are popular when the season changes. In fact, its history dates back before the days of the druids in the 17th century, when fires of the old season were doused and new fires were lit according to Perceptive Travel.

Why are Bonfires Lit on Halloween

Known in Celtic tradition as Samhain, the Celtic New Year's Eve, October 31st marked the beginning of winter, halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Special bonfires (called bone fires because actual bones were added to the fire) were lit to ward of evil spirits and welcome good spirits during this special time of year where the Scots said the wall between the living and dead was at its weakest.

Some traditions of the Celtic festival of Samhain are still used today on Halloween night. Centuries ago in Ireland people would wear disguises to fool the real spirits, give out treats as bribes if caught unaware by spirits, and carve jack-o-lanterns (which were most likely carved out turnips instead of pumpkins).

Halloween Bonfire Essentials

Throw a traditional Halloween party just like the Celtics did centuries ago! Get the fire pit ready for s'mores and Halloween treats, making sure not to forget the bones in the bonfire! Here are our favorite Halloween bonfire must-haves.

1. Spooky Fire Pit

Stars and moons dot this easily assembled 30" fire pit. Complete with a spark screen and poker, this fire pit is the perfect centerpiece for your Halloween bonfire.

2. Skull Logs

While it's probably frowned upon in this day and age to add real bones to your bone fire, these ceramic skulls are a better alternative.

3. Candy

It's not a happy Halloween without candy! This pack works great as s'mores variations.

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