10 Best Deals on Kitchen Gadgets: Amazon Prime Day 2021

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Every kitchen needs a number of essentials to run smoothly, no matter what kind of food you prefer. Whether you're making coconut curry or rib roast, you're going to need a cutting board, a set of knives, and countless other kitchen tools. Here are 9 Amazon kitchen gadgets for a perfectly stocked kitchen!

Best Amazon Prime Deals For Your Kitchen

1. Aeitto Slow Juicer

If fruit juice is more your speed, the Aeitto Slow Juicer is the way to go for healthy and easy juices. Although this may seem interchangeable with a blender on first sight, a juicer is specially made for getting the most out of your vegetables.

The Aeitto Slow Juicer removes the fiber from the veggies, resulting in more veggie content per serving. This leads to more nutrition and less oxidation, along with preserving flavor! This comes with measurements built in, so no need to dirty a measuring cup or measuring spoon while juicing away. The large chute is made for big chunks of fruits and veggies, while the small one can take smaller pieces, reducing prep time and clean up! This beauty is selling for 41% off!

2. Instant Omni Plus 10-in-1 Air Fryer-Toaster Oven Combo

The Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer-Toaster Oven combo is a multifunction kitchen appliance to rival all others. This versatile item can be used in countless ways. The air fryer function is perfect for healthy, crispy fried foods, or you can indulge by using the deep fryer to get all that deep fried goodness. This remarkable kitchen gadget can also be used as a toaster oven to reheat food without sacrificing texture. One of the best features is the BBQ rotisserie spit- this along with the forks makes it easy to cook delicious and tender meat, along with crispy veggies.

The size is ideal for a 12-inch pizza, making this family-friendly and convenient for a large meal. Use the oven rack for pizza, toast, and even baked potatoes, and use a baking mat for easy clean-up. The Instant Omni has a stainless-steel exterior and a large window to watch your meal cook from your countertop. This Amazon kitchen gadget has the best of both worlds when it comes to kitchen tools, which is why it's #1 in new offers on Amazon!

3. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso Maker & Cappuccino Machine

We all know how important a good cup of coffee is to start the day. Making a cappuccino can seem like a daunting task, maybe too complex for sleepy weekday mornings. Fortunately, the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine takes all the guesswork away with a simple button system. It also comes with its own milk frother, so you can enjoy cafe au lait, lattes, or cappuccinos whenever you please. Upgrade your coffee experience and drink a fancy coffee drink every morning!

4. George Foreman Classic Plate Grill

Summer is here, and that means grilling season is upon us. This classic grill is ideal for an easy and delicious meal for two. With a removable and dishwasher safe drip tray, the clean up is as easy as the cooking. The indicator light helps with temperature control, ensuring that your meat is perfectly cooked without a meat thermometer. This cooking tool is made for meat-lovers and aspiring pitmasters! If your pops is the family grillmaster, a new George Foreman could be the perfect Father's Day gift.

5. 7-in-1 MAGICCOS Food Processor

The 7-in-1 Food Processor is made for quick prep time and clean up. Rather than laboriously mincing your veggies, nuts, garlic or what have you, you can throw it in the food processor and have it chopped in seconds. This is a quick replacement for a grater or peeler, the perfect vegetable chopper for a big meal.

The powerful slicer is 1000 watt and acts as a shredder for all foods, from beef to walnuts to ice. You can choose between the seven speeds to ensure you're using the right speed for your particular meal, and the detachable blades and discs make for a super easy cleanup. Plus, it can hold 14 cups, so there's no limit to your serving size! At 20% off, this is the time to grab this versatile kitchen appliance!

6. Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1

The instant pot is a game changer when it comes to cooking, making meals twice as fast as the stove top. I love nothing more than starting a meal in the instant pot and then going about my day as it cooks to perfection! Combine this with the air fryer function of this Instant Pot Duo and you'll never look back. This Amazon kitchen gadget is also perfect for roasting, baking, dehydrating, steaming, and sautéing, you name it! This cool kitchen gadget is there for all of your cooking needs, from a bowl of rice to a plate of air fryer chicken.

7. CUSIMAX Stainless Steel Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is essential for any baking project, made for easy mixing of ingredients and allowing you to choose between six speeds to follow your recipe with precision. This CUSIMAX stainless steel mixer has a variety of attachments to use depending on what you're making, including a whisk, dough hook and flat beater. This takes away the need to use a ton of different bowls and cooking utensils, reducing prep time and cleanup time. Make cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, or whatever your heart desires in this sleek, versatile mixer. Not to mention, it's almost half off!

8. Rachael Ray Cucina Cookware Set

This 12-piece Rachael Ray Cucina cookware set is great for stocking up a new kitchen or upgrading your old kitchen utensils. Extra durable, with heavy duty non-stick material, this is a long-lasting set of cookware to make stovetop cooking simpler and tastier. The comfortable, easy-to-grip handles ensure that you can handle your pans with no oven mitt, making it easy to pour pasta into a strainer or colander with no hassle.

These pots and pans are also made with dishwasher safe material for easy cleanup. Rachael Ray's cookware are oven safe and heat resistant up to 400 degrees F, making them all the more versatile! The slotted spatula and spoon have a non-slip grip, and they're made of nylon, a material stronger and more durable than silicone. The whole set is in a lovely agave blue, adding a splash of color to your kitchen.

9. TUO Damascus Knife Set with Wooden Block

A good set of knives is a must-have in any self-respecting kitchen. This 6-piece TUO kitchen knife set has every type of knife you need for a wide variety of dishes, and it's 23% off for Prime Day. The 9-inch bread knife is ideal for cutting into that baguette, while the Santoku knife is perfect for cutting meat or vegetables. Made with Japanese AUS-10 damascus steel, these knives remain rust-free and high quality, ensuring that you won't need another for years to come. This set comes with a knife block for convenience. No need to buy a pizza cutter, herb scissors or an avocado slicer; a versatile set of knives fulfills countless kitchen needs.

10. Vitamix Ascent Series Professional-Grade Smart Blender

A quality blender is vital when it comes to home kitchen cooking. The Vitamix is large enough to make blenders for the whole family, and its blade is made to easily combine ingredients, chopping through ice, frozen berries, and chunks of fruit. This Amazon kitchen gadget is a bestseller that will change the way you do smoothies and milkshakes! Plus, it's just in time for watermelon milkshake season.