A Look Inside Pioneer Woman's Kitchen

You've probably seen her delicious desserts in your local grocery store. Her measuring cups, measuring spoons, stoneware, and mixing bowls are easy to find as well. Her stuff is everywhere, but she is the Pioneer Woman, after all. From TV screens to the kitchen aisles at Walmart, Ree Drummond's brand expanded quickly, and her recipes are delicious as well. Everyone wants a piece of Pioneer Woman in their homes, but what does Drummond's own kitchen look like? Follow along as we take a look into the famous Pioneer Woman kitchen.

Where is it located?

Longtime fans of The Pioneer Woman cooking show will be shocked to learn that the colorful kitchen where Drummond whips up her famous recipes is not her actual home. While it may not be where she spends most of her time, she basically owns the countertop she's always whipping stuff up on.

The kitchen is actually located in her guesthouse, The Lodge. The Lodge is on the Drummond ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Drummond filmed the first episode there back in 2011 and didn't change the location.

"The Lodge is a guest house on our ranch, and when we filmed the pilot for my Food Network show back in 2011, I decided to do it there because I often used The Lodge kitchen for events and gatherings...and because my house was full of kids at the time!" Drummond shared.

What's in it?

Everything from the kitchen aid, instant pot, slow cooker and stoneware, to the bowl sets, bakeware, cookware sets, and kitchen tools are all hers. You'll even notice the floral pattern dinnerware sets and kitchen towel that became part of the Pioneer Woman vintage floral set sold at local Walmarts.

Drummond keeps the kitchen true to her personality and persona. Even the home decor is cheerful and colorful. If you're into that, as previously mentioned, you can mimic her look in your very own kitchen. Just hit up your local Walmart or Walmart.com to buy The Pioneer Woman Collection.

Be warned though that most of her stuff sells out. Even things like cutting boards and cutlery sets are popular. Her signature floral prints with breezy blossoms and sweet roses are adored among women in the South. You'll notice the signature colors come in red, yellow and teal, which often pair well with vintage flea market finds. It definitely gives a flair to the traditional southern look. While cast iron and melamine are typical materials you'll find in southern kitchens, The Pioneer Woman also sells beautiful tumblers and shakers perfect for spicing up your kitchen. Check out her gorgeous kitchen for a little inspiration.

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