50's diner stools

Turn Your Kitchen into the Ultimate 50's Diner with These Retro Items

From Wide Open Eats

What do we all crave more than a good burger? An adorable diner to enjoy it in, of course. There is something about that diner feel that throws us until a whirlwind of nostalgia and comfort. That is why we are all about these must-have retro diner items from Amazon. You can bring that fun diner feel to your kitchen and it doesn't have to cost you much.

Check out our list of items that will turn your kitchen into the hottest diner spot on the block.

1. ERLOOD Retro Vintage Bar Signs

You've got the best buns? Get this accent wall piece for just $8.99.

2. Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

This timer will take you back in time to the 50's and it's only $18.59.

3. Creative Co-Op Metal LED Eat Lamp with Timer

Light up your kitchen with this bold and rustic sign for $379.78.

4. Coca-Cola Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 

Enjoy your salt and pepper in style with these vintage coco-cola bottles for $12.75.

5. Vintage Air Circulator Fan

When the kitchen is getting heated, keep things cool with this vintage fan for only $59.98.

6. Scentsationals Retro Jukebox

If you love the nostalgia of old tunes playing on the jukebox, then you'll love this candle wax burner. This simple item will give your kitchen that retro feel for just $29.99.

7. Nostalgia Hot Dog Roller and Bun Warmer

How cool is this hot dog roller and bun warmer? Nostalgia products are notorious for taking us back in time and you can get this one for just $39.99.

8. Vintage Canisters: Sugar, Flour, Coffee, Tea

These vintage canisters are so cool, no-one will know that they are also housing your favorite coffee and tea. Get this set now for only $54.95.

9. Libbey Coca-Cola Glass

These glasses are great for hosting guests. Serve up a refreshing soda pop in a set of 12 glasses for only $34.77.

10. Cosco Retro Counter Chair

Nothing tops this retro counter chair. Not only do they add spunk to your kitchen, they also double as a stepping stool so you can use it for when you need to get to those hard to reach places. Get a couple of these now and revamp your kitchen bar for just $41.06.