8 DIY Potpourri Bags To Give As Gifts 

It's officially December, and the countdown until Christmas has begun! This means that family time, festive decorations, and sweet treats are in our future, but it also signifies that we should probably start looking for presents to put under that Christmas tree. It's tricky to give creative and authentic gifts year after year, especially for family members who are particular about what they like. If you're tired of giving out socks, sweets, and gift cards, it might be time to try something new. DIY potpourri bags are a thoughtful Christmas gift for anyone because they function both as eco-friendly home décor and aromatherapy!

1. Essential Oils Potpourri Bag

This DIY project is the perfect gift idea or stocking stuffer for those who enjoy scents that aren't overly flowery. This combo of warm spices, herbs, and essential oils will freshen up your house and add elegance to the room. These natural potpourri sachet bags are pet-friendly and full of natural, pleasant aromas to fill your home.

Here's how to make them.

2. Lilac Potpourri Bag

The scent of lilacs is fresh and calming, and making a potpourri bag is the perfect way to smell their delicate scent year-round. Gifts are better when made with care and love, and making your own lilac potpourri sachets is a great gift to show this. Use lilac from your garden for a completely homemade gift minus some of the craft supplies.

Here's how to make them.

3. Love-ly Potpourri Bag

Fill this cute potpourri sachet with rose petals for a thoughtful present for Valentine's Day, Christmas or bridal showers. Alternatively, lavender or jasmine would be good choices for pleasant flowery scents. Allow the fragrance of flowers to waft through your house to feel like you're in a lovely garden no matter the weather outside!

Here's how to make it.

4. Lavender Potpourri Sachets

Lavender is another naturally relaxing scent, making it the ideal fragrance to create a peaceful atmosphere in a room. These lavender sachets can be made with any color and fabric you choose, so they are easy to personalize. If you have any relatives going through stressful times, this is a thoughtful gift for natural aromatherapy!

Here's how to make them.

5. Drawer Potpourri Bags

There's nothing better than pulling out a clean shirt and being met with the subtle scent of fresh flowers. While these can be used for decoration as well, these little sachets are ideal as drawer sachets to keep your clothing fragrant and fresh with their flowery scents. These closet air fresheners can be made with your favorite flower petals, perfume and essential oils as the perfect way to spiffy up a closet!

Here's how to make them.

6. Kid's Drawing Potpourri Bags

These sachets are a great craft to do with your kids! You can get creative with any scented powders, dried flowers and fragrance oils you like, making these easy to personalize. Make these lovely and creative potpourri bags with your kids, spreading pleasant aromas through the home while adding a lively touch of color to any room.

Here's how to make them:

7. Lavender Bud Potpourri Sachets

As useful as they are decorative, these lavender sachets are specially made to repel moths using lavender buds. These will keep clothes in good condition while filling the room with the lovely scent of lavender. Make extra to put in the living room and kitchen for aromatherapy! These are a great gift for family members who prefer gifts more on the practical side.

Here's how to make them.

8. Herbal Potpourri Sachets

For those who like to reuse materials, these herbal potpourri bags are an excellent way to make usage of other Christmas décor! You'll need fir needles, cedar shavings and lavender needles, along with warm scents like cinnamon and orange. This unique and refreshing blend is full of warm spicy aromas to spread autumn fragrances through your home!

Here's how to make them.

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