Portable Fire Pits: The 3 Best of 2021 for Backyard Gatherings, Camping & Cooking

Summertime is officially upon us! It's the perfect season for spending time outdoors with your friends and family, whether you're planning a weekend cookout or planning a camping trip to sleep under the stars. However you plan on spending your time outside this season, one thing is clear — you need a portable fire pit in your life.

An outdoor fire pit really sets the mood regardless of the time of day. Whether you're grilling burgers, roasting marshmallows under the stars, or simply creating an ambiance for some late-night beers among friends, it will definitely make outdoor entertaining more enjoyable. Especially if the fire pit is portable so you can use it nonstop!

Here are our picks for the three best portable firepits that will take your summer to the next level.

Best backyard fire pit

Who needs an expensive outdoor fireplace when you can get the same effect with this seriously cool fire pit table? The fire bowl is made of heavy-duty steel that is nice and durable and the mesh covering acts as a heat shield so that you can enjoy a beverage or hotdog on the heat-resistant tabletop without concern. You won't have to worry about a propane tank with this fire pit since it's woodburning, making it an ideal choice for a backyard bonfire fire pit so you can really enjoy outdoor living all summer long.

Best camping fire pit

The portability of this stainless steel wood-burning fire pit can't be beat. If you're backpacking to your camping grounds, this foldable fire pit comes with its own carrying case, making it easy for you and your fellow campers to enjoy s'mores and hotdogs fireside with limited hassle. It's also made with a special mesh that leads to optimal airflow in your camping area so that your pop-up fire pit isn't letting off too much smoke.

This option is similar and comes with a heat shield as well!

Best cooking fire pit

We totally get that not everyone enjoys a wood-burning fire, so look no further than this propane fire pit. The Outland fire bowl comes with its own carry bag which makes for easy portability and a natural lava rock set that mimics the flickering of a real fire. Since it's made of high-quality steel it has strong durability and since it's a gas fire pit, you can get to cooking immediately. This is perfect for everything from a tailgate to a backyard barbecue, you really can't go wrong. There's no grill grate, but you could easily put one on top of the lava rocks if you're in the mood for grilling.

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