Police Officer Faces Two Felonies After Appearing In OnlyFans Video While On Duty
Photos By Metropolitan Nashville Police Department/NewsChannel5

Police Officer Faces Two Felonies After Appearing In OnlyFans Video While On Duty

I live to report on moments like this. God, I couldn't ask for a better boon in life. So, here we go: former Nashville officer, Sean Herman, was meant to be on duty one day. Was this premeditated? Did he happen to meet an OnlyFans content creator while on the job? That may be an unsolved mystery.

What isn't unsolved, however, is Herman's unemployment, arrest, and impending "official misconduct" felony charges. The story shakes out thusly: per WZTV, Herman was first fired on May 9. One day after Specialized Investigations Division detectives discovered an interesting video.

And by technicality, guess who can post the video here for y'all? Me. (I hope this makes up for the fact that I couldn't post a crazy video the last time wild unclothed-related chaos popped off online.)

Truly, it's tame. It's cheesy as all heck, too. But this is what the detectives found, uniform and all. This is the part of the article where I'd transcribe what happened for those who don't want to click in, but if you're this deep into the piece, you're the target audience.

Reportedly, Herman was on duty as a patrol officer in the Madison Precinct. He was caught lackin' and now has to pay the piper.

Former Nashville Officer Faces Two Felonies Due To OnlyFans Kerfuffle

Let's ask the hard-hitting questions. So, first, who dimed this man out? A rogue relative? A co-worker who went on OnlyFans for one thing and happened to notice Herman's police patch? Was Herman silly enough to have left the video open on his laptop at work?

Next, why would you do this during your shift? This couldn't have waited until after you were done? Exchange contact information with the woman and do it later!

Finally (and I'm so sorry, I have to say it)... you got fired and arrested over that? If you knew you were on the job, you could've at least made the video a true spectacle to behold. For some mild consensual groping, this wasn't worth it, brother. You gotta go the whole nine yards and then some — haunt your co-workers' thoughts, wink at the camera!

Then again, Herman's freshly unemployed! Depending on how the felonies shake out, maybe he could permanently move to create OnlyFans content! Why not? He already has one foot in the door! Call yourself Mr. Nashville Noodle or something!