Passionate Hockey Fan's Bare-Chested Celebration Leads To Adult Content Offers
Photos By X and Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

Passionate Hockey Fan's Bare-Chested Celebration Leads To Adult Content Offers

The Edmonton Oilers broke an 18-year drought to face the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Finals! But never mind that silly hockey stuff, that's not what you guys are here for! I hate to sorely disappoint you, but I can't provide you visual aid of the moment. Them's the rules! (Plus, it's only everywhere, so you'll find it in no time!)

To commemorate the occasion, an excited Oilers fan flashed the audience for a few seconds. That would be the beginning and end of a fleeting snapshot in time. But if anyone can capitalize on a flashy opportunity, it's the world of adult content!

Per TMZ, a connoisseur of the adult arts reached out to the publication, hoping to somehow get a bead on the fan in question. Apparently, a representative of one company "said after seeing the woman display her assets during the Oilers vs. Stars Western Conference finals series last month, they want her in front of a cam."

According to that rep, the fan's "assets" were "made for [scandalous content]."

But that's not all! Another would-be adult content suitor offered the fan $100K to "show off her chest just as she did the other night."

OnlyFans also allegedly encouraged her to make an account. (And I can also refer to OnlyFans directly by nature of its "variety-type" offerings!)

Edmonton Oilers Fan Flashes The Audience, Receiving A Few Adult Content Offers

This would be the part of the program where I comment on some off-kilter social media takes. But, uh... considering the "charged" nature of the situation, I fear it would be nothing but me going "Yuck, look at these weirdos."

I could risk making a bunch of readers angry by emphasizing certain views about bodily autonomy. That could be fun! But instead, I'll choose peace... for now.

Plus, I doubt most of y'all read up to this point once you realized I wouldn't post the clip. So, for those still with me, let's go over a common grammatical goof! Do you know the difference between "There," "Their," and "They're"?

"There" is typically location-centric — it can even be on the abstract side! "There goes my self-control!" for example!

"They're" is a contraction, or simply: "They are." "They're being weird and I wish they would stop."

Finally, "Their" is the possessive form of "They"! "Their lives are in shambles and they should go outside and touch grass."