Hearst Magazines: The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond Gives Sneak Peek of the Spring 2018 Pioneer Woman Magazine

Around here, we're kept busy with the endless news that comes out of Waco with the "Fixer Upper" empire created by Chip and Joanna Gaines. With their pregnancy announcement and the opening of Magnolia Table right around to corner, our eyes have been on Waco so much recently. However, we also cover an awful lot of news from the Pioneer Woman and straight from Pawhuska, Oklahoma this morning comes a sneak peek of the Spring 2018 issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine from Ree Drummond herself.

It's amazing to imagine fitting a beautiful new magazine into the Drummond's empire, especially when you consider all of the projects the family has begun in their hometown. Whether they're giving Lodge tours of the Drummond Ranch, whipping up amazing coffee drinks at The Mercantile, or renovating The Boarding House, a new boutique hotel project in downtown Pawhuska, the Drummonds are kept quite busy these days. And with the release of these images from Hearst magazines, the publisher, it shows that Ree is certainly giving the Spring issue her all.

In the announcement made on social media, Ree wrote,

PW Magazine UPDATE! My new magazine launched last year with two premiere issues, Summer 2017 and Fall 2017. The next issue is Spring 2018 and it's just about to go to the printer! (Will be out March 13.) It's bursting with flowers and butterflies, home decor ideas, fun articles, clothing discussions, and plenty of brand new recipes that i completely love.

NOTE: If you subscribe by February 8 (OR if you have already sent in your subscription) it will begin with the new Spring issue. (Summer, Fall, and Winter issues will follow this year—-yay!) Click on the link in my profile for subscription info. Thanks for being patient while I poured my energy and focus into the new Spring issue. I think you're gonna love it! (Can't show you the cover yet, but here are a few peeks...)

This year, the great magazine will appear in four different issues, all with new recipes and home decor inspiration from your favorite home cook on the range. Let's take a closer look at what you'll find in this issue.

Of course butterflies will be in the issue, but we need to know how to make those lemon tarts with meringue! Also, how good does that pasta dish look? Anything with fresh peas in the springtime suits our sustainability tastes perfectly! And that cowboy hat, well, would you expect anything less from one of the largest landowners in America?

To subscribe, follow this link. You'll find an option for 1 year with 4 issues at $15 and 2 years with 8 issues at $28. Of course the latter is the better deal, but if you subscribe a year, you'll be met with an automatic renewal notice when your year is nearly up. The magazine is headed to the printer and will be out on March 13.

The popularity of the magazine, which quickly sold out at Walmart stores and Barnes & Noble locations upon release last year, knows no bounds as fans of the ranch wife's life live in every part of the country, from midtown New York City to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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