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6 Things We Know About the Boarding House, the Pioneer Woman's Hotel

Since the successful opening of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska, Oklahoma in 2016, the Drummonds have begun to think bigger and better. Channeling the Gaines' restoration of Waco one historic building at a time, Ree Drummond, along with her husband Ladd, is opening a boutique hotel in downtown Pawhuska. As she releases more photos of the build, we've kept track of the details about the Boarding House.

Beginning with the first blog post in September 2017 on The Pioneer Woman, up to the most recent announcement, here are the important facts we know about the Boarding House.

1. The building project is actually Marlboro Man's.

As Ree Drummond wrote in the September post, "Actually, it's Marlboro Man's building project in town." With Ladd Drummond at the helm, work is moving smoothly through the winter, something we know from Ree's updates.

2. The balcony and overhang were inspired by downtown Houston.

Leave it to Ree to explain so eloquently! "Marlboro Man and I saw a balcony/overhang like this in downtown Houston a few years ago... We both thought it would be a fun addition to downtown Pawhuska."

Any inspiration drawn from Texas and Louisiana architecture will surely make every Lone Star States feel at home in Oklahoma.

3. It will be an eight-room hotel.

With only eight rooms, we can see reservations for the Boarding House being booked for months. As one of the few hotels in the area of Pawhuska, it will certainly draw in visitors looking to visit the Mercantile and take a Lodge Tour of the Drummond Ranch.

4. Expect lots of ferns.

Those balconies Ree loves so much? You'll probably see lots of ferns on them, hanging and otherwise, when the hotel finally opens. Ree has mentioned adding greenery, and specifically ferns, twice when discussing plans for the Boarding House.

5. The family is keeping the historical murals in-tact. 

So far we've seen two murals in the hotel that are originals from the previous establishments. One will be in the hallway and stairway area, while the other will be the main wall in one of the bedrooms.

The historic significance of the murals is dear to the heart of the Drummonds and the decision to display Puryear's Drug Store proudly points back to the previous life of the buildings.

Ree has taken to referring to the bedroom with the mural as the Drugstore Room. The brick walls in the murals are stunning and even though they're currently fading, this is one restoration project that's holding a bit of America close.

6. The design will give you some much-needed inspiration.

The stained paneling and coffered ceilings in the Tack Room alone will have you planning your next small home renovation. I mean, just look at that incredible ceiling, y'all. Click through her Instagram post to see more photos, both above and below.

And don't forget the bathroom tiles. While we covered the tile renovation not too long ago, we're still swooning over the bright patterns the Drummonds chose.

Maybe we'll get a huge Food Network special when the final renovation is complete, but for now, we'll keep dreaming up trips to small town Oklahoma to get our Pioneer Woman fix.

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