Would You Buy Pickle Juice in a Can?

When it comes to all things pickles, you can bet that we've just about seen it all. After touting their health benefits, pickle popsicles and pickle cupcakes have flooded our social media feeds. From Moonshine Pickles to Pickle Juice Soda, the fermented cucumbers are enjoying their trendy day in the sun. It seems, though, that pickle juice became even trendier at Gordy's Pickle Jar, a pickle company in Washington D.C., and their Fine Brine, or pickle juice in a can.

That's right, you no longer have to sip from the jar in secret or dole out tablespoons with seeds in the brine because you can order the cans online or find them in stores near you, like Whole Foods Market, Williams-Sonoma, and other gourmet stores around the country. The 12-ounce cans will run you about $16 per four-pack, which makes the cheaper gallon of Texas' own Best Maid Pickle Juice sound better for a budget.

Founder Sarah Gordon described the taste to Tasting Table in an interview, "It's literally a burst of acid and flavor all in one that brightens cocktails and dishes in a very subtle, balanced way. It rounds out cocktails and cooking recipes similar to how a pinch of salt does." Use the dill pickle brine as a chaser for pickleback shots or create your own spin on our favorite Bloody Mary Kombucha cocktail.

While the cans are marketed for cocktails, you can really use dill pickle juice in so many ways. Create pickle pops with a popsicle mold at home to beat the post-workout muscle cramps, specifically leg cramps. Add a splash of leftover brine to your chicken salad sandwiches or homemade salad dressing.

I prefer to add pickle juice to my soup recipes, especially gazpacho, because the tangy, vinegar flavors bring out the sweetness and the zing. Essentially, this taste of salty pickle juice is perfect for perking up your cooking. Pickle lovers can find the Fine Brine online at Gordy's. Might we suggest adding candied hot chili bacon to your Bloody Mary in addition to this zippy pickle juice.

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