Forget About Valentine's Candy, Peeps Easter Jelly Beans Are Here

The Easter bunny is here kick to Valentine's Day treats to the curb! Forget about chocolate-covered strawberries; our favorite marshmallow candy is now in Jelly Bean form. Recently, Peeps surprised us all with their Hot Tamale crossover. Now, we're going back to a sweet flavor after a shocking spicy twist on the marshmallow treat. Peeps Jelly Beans bags are available at your local Target and online.

Save the good ol' marshmallow-flavored chicks for the Easter baskets, and fill up some Easter eggs with Peeps Jelly Beans. What's an Easter celebration without some classic Peeps? This year's Easter egg hunt with the be the sweetest yet.

Peeps Easter Jelly Beans Stand-Up Bag - 10oz

You can find a 10-ounce bag of the delicious Easter candy on Walmart and Amazon, too! Unfortunately, the Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Peeps are only hanging around at Kroger. At least for now! Hopefully, we'll be able to find a bag online before Easter is here.

If you were lucky enough to get a taste of the new Peeps flavor, know that you're already behind on the Peeps marshmallow trend. You can now buy a limited-edition Kellogg Froot Loops-flavored Chick Pop. Peeps are just on a roll with new flavors! It looks like it may be the year of the Peeps.

Peeps Easter Froot Loop Flavored Chick Pop - 1.375oz

It doesn't even stop there, though. Peeps-flavored Slurpees have been spotted at 7-Eleven. I'm not sure about this one. I may just have to stick to my Mountain Dew Slurpees. There are still other ways you can get your marshmallow chick fix through drinks.

International Delight and Peeps teamed up for a coffee creamer! Some might say candy is not an acceptable breakfast, but there's nothing wrong with candy-flavored coffee creamer.

International Delight Peeps Coffee Creamer - 32 fl oz

Out of all the recent new Peeps Products, I think I'll have to give the Froot Loops Pop a try. Think about it; marshmallows taste fantastic in a bowl of Froot Loops. I'm here for it.

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