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Russell Stover is Joining the Easter Candy Fun With Sour Chocolate Bunnies

It turns out Hot Tamale Peeps aren't the most unusual Easter treats we're going to see this year. Russell Stover just dropped a sour chocolate bunny treat. I recently got the chance to try chocolates infused with orange zest and lemon zest, but this sour Easter bunny treat might confuse my taste buds even more.

This sour candy is described as 'white fudge with a sour kick.' They come in a variety of flavors, from blue raspberry, watermelon, and cherry. I'm trying to imagine how this would taste. What are you thinking? I have a feeling the sour chocolate bunny tastes like a creme candy and Sour Patch Kids crossover.

I'm not going to knock it until I try it. A pleasant sour kick is always good. When I was a kid, I used to buy Sour Punch Straws and use them as straws in my Coca-Colas. Give some new Easter candy try this year.

You never know, our favorite marshmallow chicks might taste pretty good coated in cinnamon, and sour chocolate bunnies might be the best Easter candies yet. Visit for sour chocolate bunnies. They'll make the perfect addition to your Easter baskets.

Although they're not chocolate candy, you can always get your sour bunny fix with Jelly Belly's Gummy Sour Bunnies candy. Sour Patch Kids also have bunny-shaped candy.

SOUR PATCH KIDS Easter Bunnies Sweet & Sour Chewy Candy - Pack of 12

Make this egg hunt the best one yet! Fill up your Easter eggs with Sour Patch Bunnies candy.

Jelly Belly Gummy Sour Bunnies Candy - 6 oz Bag

Customer reviews are fantastic. A customer said the texture and flavor are divine. Wow!

Russell Stovers Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny 3oz (3 Pack)

If sour candy isn't your favorite, don't worry. Russell Stover has a solid milk chocolate bunny available on Amazon. For only $19.99, you'll receive three chocolate Easter bunnies.

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