Coca-Cola Just Dropped a New Cherry Vanilla Flavor Along With a Zero Sugar Version

If giving up Cokes was your New Year's resolution, hold that thought. Coke just released Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola, and there's a zero sugar option available. Coca-Cola knows its audience. Many of their fans have been drinking Cokes for decades now and might be becoming more conscious of their sugar intake as they get older.

Shout out to the Coca-Cola Company for thinking of their fans when coming up with this new flavor. Cherry Vanilla Coke sounds delicious, and I think fans might prefer this over a typical can of Cherry Coke. We all know vanilla flavoring excites our tastes buds.

Coca Cola


Cherry Vanilla Coke should be on grocery store shelves in just a few days, and just in time for Valentine's Day too! Forget Root Beer floats, grab a 24-pack of the new Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla, and make Cherry Vanilla floats for the entire family to enjoy.

Surely Diet Coke lovers all over the world are jumping with excitement. Thanks to this new flavor, you don't have to sacrifice a delicious flavor for no sugar. I bet the zero sugar version is just as yummy.

Something I'd like to see is someone making a comparison of the Coca-Cola Cherry flavor to the new Cherry Vanilla Coke flavor. There's no way they taste exactly alike. A spoonful of sugar can make a cup of coffee taste sweet; I'd like to think a splash of vanilla makes this soft drink one to remember.

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