Coca-Cola and Tic Tac Team Up on Limited-Edition Mints

You can't go wrong with carrying around a box of Tic Tacs in your pocket (that is, unless you are Elaine from Seinfeld). The small candy mint with the fun name has been around for over fifty years in classic flavors like Wintergreen, Freshmint, and Spearmint and fun "candy-like" flavors Strawberry Fields, Apple Mix, Fruit Adventure and Orange. Throughout the years Tic Tac has released a variety of limited-edition flavors including Donut and Bubblegum to honor the Simpson's and even Tic Tac Mixers that encompassed the flavors of your favorite drinks and alcoholic beverages such as cherry cola, peach lemonade, and piña colada. Now, it looks like Tic Tac mint is looking to a specific soft drink to flavor their new product. That's right, Coca-Cola Tic Tacs are coming to a store near you.

Coca-Cola Tic Tacs Are Hitting Stores in 2020

Ferrero North America has teamed up with Coca-Cola to create new Tic Tac Coca-Cola, marking the first time a mint has been created with the refreshment of Coca-Cola.

According to the press release, the new Cola flavor will be available in three different promotional packs, all of which feature "a distinctive and impactful graphic". While we haven't gotten the chance to try the new Coke flavor, we can speculate what it might taste like. Tic Tac currently sells its Tic Tac Mixers Cherry Cola, which tastes exactly like cherry coke. There's no hint of mint in it, so chances are these new candies might taste like a glass of coke sans mint. And for that, I can't be mad. I cannot see how mint and Coca-Cola would go together, so sticking with one flavor profile is probably the best decision.

The new candies are set to hit stores in over 70 countries in early 2020, so we'll be sure to let you know when you can grab one of these new candies at the check-out counter.

This post was originally published on October 15, 2019.

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