Dr Pepper Licorice is the Candy Texans Will Be Obsessing Over

Looks like Dr Pepper flavors don't end with Jelly Beans and cotton candy. You can now buy Dr Pepper Soda Flavored Licorice Twists. Customer reviews say it tastes just like Dr Pepper! One even said it's the best tasting licorice they've ever had. Which I have to say is 100% believable. Considering I'm not the biggest fan of black licorice candy, surely the taste of Dr Pepper licorice candy twists is the best way to enjoy the chewy candy.

As a Texan, I'm always craving three things: tacos, queso, and Dr Pepper. Okay, depending on the occasion, Dr Pepper and margaritas are interchangeable. But for the most part, Dr Pepper is my go-to drink order when I'm out eating. Kenny's soda licorice is even made with real Dr Pepper, so I think I found my new midday snack, y'all. You can get grab yourself a 5 oz bag from Amazon or go all out at Walmart.

Dr. Pepper® Soda Flavored Licorice Twists(5 Oz Bag) - 6 Ct. Case

If you really enjoy the taste of your favorite sodas in gummy candy form, you have to try the Orange, Grape Crush, Dr. Pepper & A&W Root Beer Licorice Twists Assortment from Walmart. Orange soda is nostalgic for me, so I have to give them a try. It's the soda I ordered with my McDonald's chicken nuggets when I was a kid. As for A&W licorice twists, I bet I'll be obsessed. Rootbeer barrel candy is the best!

2 Pack - Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans 99g (3.5oz) Bag

I'm not sure if I'll be a fan of the Grape Crush licorice, but I'll give it a chance anyway! This assortment and the Dr Pepper flavored licorice are popular online, so get yours while they're in stock. Be sure to also check out Jelly Belly's Dr Pepper Jelly Beans on Amazon. Let's give Twizzlers a break and see if Dr Pepper licorice truly satisfies our Dr Pepper addiction.

Orange, Grape Crush, Dr. Pepper & A&W Licorice Twists Assortment - (8 Packs)

This post was originally published on December 26, 2019.

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