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Find the Seasonal Pecan Pie M&M's on Store Shelves Now

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine yourself sitting at the Thanksgiving table with a bellyful of delicious turkey and mashed potatoes. You're stuffed to the brimyou couldn't possibly eat another biteuntil you smell it: rich, molasses-y pecan pie. All of a sudden, you have room. You take a bite and those sweet maple flavors melt into the nuttiness of caramelized pecans (with a hint of bourbon if you're at my family's table).

I live for that moment each year, so imagine my delight when I found that Pecan Pie M&M's are coming back! The flavor of my favorite Thanksgiving pie in every little bite. These Walmart-exclusive M&Ms are just one in a series of the company's holiday-themed treats.

The milk chocolate coated candy with a pecan pie flavor filling always cause a stir. The limited-edition Pecan Pie M&Ms keep coming back, revived each holiday season since 2015, even though the reviews are mixed. Some say the chocolate candy underwhelms, while others go wild over the fall flavors packed inside the pecan pie chocolate candy.

Instagrammer Junkbanter rated them a 6/10, saying they "don't taste like what it's supposed to, but still tastes good." Despite the poor rating and his assessment that they taste "vaguely maple but mostly chocolate," he keeps buying them year after year, so they can't be that bad!

Pecan Pie-Flavored Treats

Outside of pecan pie-flavored Pringles, pecan pie has been relatively unexplored as a seasonal flavor. It's not altogether unsurprising-those of us that live outside the South may think of this pie as a Thanksgiving-only staple. In fact, according to the pie chart of pies rating, most people marked apple and pumpkin pies as their favorites. Pecan pie fell a distant 6th place (after a second apple pie, apple crumb).

While there are some flavored whiskeys, coffees, and ice cream to satisfy your pecan pie cravings, they're few and far between. For my money, I'd rather whip up this recipe to experience the full-flavored awesomeness that is pecan pie. Or, even better, I'd take a road trip through Texas to sample the best pecan pies across the state.

Let's Give 'Em a Chance

M&M's Pecan Pie Limited Edition Fall Milk Chocolate 9.90 Ounce Bag

If you want to try them for yourself, pick up a bag of pecan pie M&Ms at a Walmart near you. Despite what they taste like, a bag of these candies is sure to up your harvest decor game. Fill a bowl with these fall-colored treats and let them be the centerpiece of your festive setup.

At worst, these M&Ms might bring a little fun into your life, and they're only $3 so what do you have to lose?

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