The 5 Best Pecan Pies in Texas Are Worthy of a Road Trip

Autumn in Texas means two things: college football and pecan pie. With the return of all things tailgating, it's important to remember the sweeter things in life, too. When the weather shifts and you start to see the collegiate gear hit the streets, you know it's time to find that ideal pecan pie. And if you're in the Lone Star State, it isn't hard to find the best pecan pies in Texas.

If the reason you're not into pecan pie is because you don't know where to get it, well, we're about to remedy that right quick! There are thousands of places that hold a mean Texas pecan pie recipe close to their hearts, though we felt the top 5 were most representative of what the Lone Star State has to offer. Of course we give honorary shout-outs to Flying Saucer Pie Company in Houston, Emporium Pies in Dallas, and House of Pies in Houston.

Most of the time Texan pecan pies are made with corn syrup, vanilla extract, brown sugar, eggs, unsalted butter, pecans, and a buttery pie crust or pie shell.

Without further ado, we're celebrating those 5 best pecan pies in Texas that we always stop for, no matter what.

5. Goode Company


Known for its boxed in pecan pie with this notable quote, Goode Company is serving up more than just delicious pies these days. With three distinct restaurants open, Goode Company is a Houston staple that holds over 40 years of history in its walls.

However, there is one thing we always take home when we visit. Of course, it's the pecan pie with the commemorative box that you can order online here. We don't need to tell you to top all of these pecan pies with Blue Bell ice cream from Brenham, do we?

4. Blue Bonnet Cafe

Marble Falls

If you like your pie with a giant tower of whipped cream on top, then this is the place for you. Get a little slice of pecan heaven and your day's worth of whipped cream at this Marble Falls hot spot that is serving up some seriously flaky crust.

When you're looking for a good ol' Southern pecan pie, you best believe you'll find it here. And just look at that round top of whipped cream on this classic pecan pie, you know it's calling your name.

3. The Salt Lick


Dive into a little slice of paradise with the pecan pie from The Salt Lick in Driftwood (and Round Rock), Texas, just outside of Austin. The Salt Lick knew that when you're serving up good barbecue, you have to serve up the state pie, too.

A visit to this place will put a serious dent in your diet, but it's worth every single calorie. You'll think they took a page from your grandmother's recipes when you try one bite of this classic Southern pecan pie.

2. Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Co.


So it's not quite the same thing as the wooden box, but it's from a pecan farm (full of pecan trees) so that's all you really need to know to agree that this is one of the best places in Texas to find a pecan pie. Pecan halves are nixed in this recipe for a finer chop, which is ideal when you're shoveling it into your mouth at breakneck speed.

And don't think that they just have pecan pie. Their baked goods are incredible, and of course their chocolate pecan pie needs mentioning. Perhaps the most appealing part of visiting Berdoll's isn't the pecan farm itself, but instead the official Berdoll's pecan pie vending machine and Pearl the Squirrel. Check it out.

1. The Honeycomb Pie Shoppe #2


Though they've got a lot going on besides pie, Honeycomb Pie Shoppe sure has nailed its name. Though you may get distracted by the countless other pies in the bunch, if it's you're first time, go with the pecan from this coveted pie shop.

While the original Honeycomb Pie Shoppe is in Levelland, we've never had a bad or even mediocre pie from their second location in Lubbock, which is why it officially is our best pecan pie in Texas. Pie lovers, pecan pie newbies, and those who can't stand pecans are all turned into believers when they try one taste of the pecan pie at Honeycomb. We just might take a road trip before the leaves change.

This article was originally published on October 9, 2017. 

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