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The Best Vending Machine in the World Is Texas' Little Secret

How close do you live to Cedar Creek, Texas? Was your answer under three hours? We've guesstimated that most people would drive three hours to experience what we're about to show you. Spoiler alert: It has to do with pecan pie. Hands-down, this is the best vending machine in the world.

We'll get to that alluring vending machine in a second. Cedar Creek's Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company is home to a bunch of kitschy things. We're using "kitschy" in the ironic, positive sense here. To start, this spot is home to Miss Pearl the Squirrel. Who's Pearl, you ask?

That's Miss Pearl to you, sir. She's the largest squirrel statue in the world and is holding a pecan. She's located off of Texas' Highway 71 and while driving along, you should see signs beckoning you to head her way. We won't blame you for taking selfies with her.

Beside Pearl is the vending machine we've been teasing you with this whole time. We hope that you were hoping it'd be filled with pecan pies. Guess what? It so is.

This vending machine, the best vending machine on the planet, is stocked daily with fresh, homemade pecan pies. How did this happen, you ask?

The Berdoll Pecan Farm, as it's also called, faced incredibly high demand for its amazing pecan pies. The solution was simple, elegant, and all-around whimsical. By having a 24-hour per day vending machine, the company allows people to never go pie-less.

There are other pecan-based treats in there too, but the next time we're on 71, we're going straight for the pie. (And, odds are, we'll pop a quick selfie with Miss Pearl, too.)

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