The 15 Best Fall Flavors To Elevate Your Cooking This Autumn Season

Pumpkin isn't the only flavor we're going ga-ga for! Expand your fall cooking horizons by incorporating these into your dinners.

Autumn seems to be creeping up on the calendar earlier and earlier every year. Coffee shops such as Starbucks start rolling out their fall-themed drinks in August, and stores are stocking their shelves with the newest Halloween decor. While jumping the gun on pumpkin-everything may feel a bit premature, we can't get too upset.

Why? Because fall flavors are the absolute best.

We know that when we say fall flavors, there's one flavor that always comes to mind: pumpkin spice. But aside from everyone's beloved PSL, pumpkin spice isn't the only tasty ingredient out there. In fact, it's just one of a vast array of seasonal tastings that make autumn cooking, baking and drink-mixing special.

Whether you're whipping up your own delicious treats at home or seeking out certain flavors to sample in your favorite comfort food, there are so many delicious fall tastes that can — and should! — make their way onto your plate. From the ingredients in your grandma's famed apple pie recipe to the savory spices in your go-to autumnal soup, these flavors are the essence of this season's most beloved dishes.

So, if you're getting your pantry ready for all the goodness you're about to create, read on for the top 15 fall flavors you have to sample this season.

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